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Fall 2004

witnessed ministry in other countries and I have never had my heart so caught by a ministry in a foreign land as it was in Ukraine.

If you are a pastor or spiritual leader I have to tell you that you will never really see the people under your care until you see them in action doing what God meant for them to do. It was an absolute pleasure for me to witness people from my church moving in such anointing and authority as they fulfilled their calling before my very eyes. I love believing in other people’s calling. I am used to my calling I have lived with it a long time, but to witness people I care about fulfilling their callings that is fresh and exciting. It was an undeniable joy for me to see Rich and Sherrel at work in Ukraine.


The Team

Rich - Ira - Pastor Charles - Vitalik - Sherrel - Katia - Julia

Pastor Charles Adams

His thoughts and reflections from his November 2004 trip to Ukraine    

   I went to Ukraine in November 2004. I have to say that the reason I went was because of Rich and Sherrel Richmond. I am their pastor and I was their friend long before that. These are dedicated servants of the Lord. They are willing servants around our church. No job is too big or too small for them and they approach everything they do with grace and enthusiasm. I went to Ukraine because I love them and I am proud of them and I wanted to be supportive to them.

   Before that, however, other people in our church had gone and had had such wonderful experiences and been so inspired I began to develop a real curiosity for the ministry over there. So I went and from the moment I got there and began to witness the ministry taking place my heart was captured. I am no stranger to ministry; I am no stranger to children ministries. I am also no stranger to missions. My wife is from Trinidad West Indies; my parents were missionaries to Belize Central America. I have also

The November team ministered at Rasheed's orphanage and a kindergarten in Kerch. The team taught the children songs, had skits, puppet shows and crafts for each child. The children enjoy the one-on-one time they are able to spend with the team while we were doing crafts. The children were very receptive to the gospel story. Then the team traveled to Sevastopol where we were joined by Alex and Sveta and their son Elijah. Alex had arranged for us to be able to do programs at Internot #1 and Orphan House #2. These are very special times with children in Sevastopol. The Least of These has been ministering to these children for 7 years. The time that we spend mentoring the older children is very special. It is exciting to see God working in their lives and the hope they have in their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

One of the things that touched me the most while in the Ukraine is related to that very thing. The Least of These partners with local churches and Bible schools in Ukraine. I was equally moved seeing these young people develop under the anointing of the Holy Spirit and identify their own callings and gifts. Vitalik one of our Ukrainian staff pastors is ideally suited for the ministry there. Vitalik may pastor one of the largest churches I have ever seen. His church is made up of orphaned children scattered all over the country. They all know his name and are open to him speaking into their lives.

   Alex another staff pastor over there is a man of such grace and gentleness that I believe it would be nearly impossible to say no to him. To watch him graciously coordinate travel arrangements, lodging and whatever else comes up in the course of the day is truly a pleasure. There are others I have only named two, it isn’t because I was less impressed with them it is because I only have so much space for my testimony. I was moved to be allowed to share in their ministry.

   Whether they are staff pastors, Ukrainian seminary students, or people from your own church, something wonderful is to be gained from seeing them first hand love orphaned and needy children into the kingdom of God. As for the children of Ukraine what can I really say? There will always be a large piece of my heart spread all over the Crimean peninsula.

Charles Adams    

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