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A ministry targeting young people around the world, sharing the Love of God in Word and Deed.

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 On my mission trip to Ukraine, a lot of things changed my life in how I live now. I planned to help the kids, but did not expect them to change me. One way they changed me is by realizing how good we have it here. Normally we have at least six to twelve outfits to wear. In the orphanage, they have one or two. We have running, clean water 24-7. They have water every other day and not even all day long. We have things we have to do, but have the option of how and when ñ as long as we get them done. They have a very strict schedule they must follow. There is not an option. There is one way to do everything, and one time to do it. The part that changed me: Seeing the kids in the orphanage was hard for me, and it tears at my heart. However, they are fun to play with and not much different from us; sharing God’s wonderful gospel with the kids. Many came to Christ; and this one room we saw. They have to share with many kids. There is not much private space or time to be alone.

Ben Deeming

Summer 2004