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Sunshine Center 2005

  The Colorado Christian University team (CCU) was a tremendous blessing to the Sunshine Center and The Least of These. The students from CCU where Amber, Cameron, John, Jess, and Lica. did a great job leading the CCU team. Matt, a missionary to Russia, Angelo, Kim & Annaliese Weynen, missionaries to Ukraine, & Rich & Sherrel Richmond, founders of The Least of These also joined the team. The founders of Sunshine Center, Marek & Nathalie Wnuk were gracious hosts. The facilities are beautiful complete with a western style kitchen, toilets and showers. The food was great! But most of all the friendships made with the children will last a lifetime. The Sunshine Center is a model of how a Christian foster home can be operated. The Center houses 6 girls and 6 boys who were rescued from living on the street. The children are taught Christian values, share in the responsibilities of the home and are involved in many outside activities. These activities include hiking, bike riding, swimming and hand gliding. We witnessed the incredible way these children are responding to the love of God shown through the entire staff. The staff includes a full-time cook, multiple adult care givers (2 on duty 24 hours a day), van driver, and many full and part-time volunteers.

  Many hours were spent at the Sunshine Center painting interior rooms and hallways, tearing down part of an outside building along with painting the outside concrete perimeter wall, metal gates and doors.

   The Team was also able to spend time with street kids on a “night outreach” and an afternoon playing soccer and Frisbee. For those who wanted, Oksana from the Sunshine Center, gave the kids haircuts. Free food and clothing was also passed out. We were near a small lake and the children were able to use the paddle boats and swim.

  Last but not least, I want to thank Kim and Angelo Weynen for opening up their home to the ENTIRE CCU team. There were 10 – 11 people staying in their flat. A great time was had by all..




Sherrel, Rich, John, Jess, Lica, Angelo & Matt

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