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Spring 2006

Yuri, Vika, Christina, Anya, Sherrel, Rich, Vitalik

What an incredible trip this has been. We left Kiev by train and arrived in Sevastopol Sunday morning at 6:00 a.m., went to our flat and got ready for church. Vitalik and I had been asked to share God’s word at the church in Balaclava. After the services Pastor Michael invited us to his home for lunch and fellowship. We arrived at Orphan House #2 at about 4:00 p.m. and had a great time with the kids for about 3 hours. Long 2 days!!!!

Monday we did programs at Internat #1 and Orphan House #2. We were also able to spend some high quality time with 3 of the graduated orphans, Denise, Vasya and Igor. On Tuesday Vitalik and I visited a young boy named Roma in another orphanage. Then off in our van for about a four-hour ride to Belogorsk where we had meetings with Pastor Victor and Pastor Yuri.

Orphan House #2 - Sevastopol

Internot 1 - Sevastopol

Vasya, Denise and Igor

For those of you who have spent time at Pastor Yuri’s flat in Belogorsk there is a new addition. They have a bathroom including a toilet, shower and sink complete with hot water. This family had not had any hot water, shower or toilet in their flat. There was an outside toilet used by hundreds of residents. It was the worst facility I had ever seen. The Least of These had given the funds to put in the bathroom for Pastor Yuri and his family of 4 (2 young beautiful little girls). They are so thankful to have the bathroom. Sherrel and I were overwhelmed to see the two little girls with toothbrush and towel in hand going to the bathroom. And yes, it was great for the team also. Praise the Lord!!!!

Children's program at the Mental Hospital in Belogorsk

We had great programs at kindergartens, TB hospital and mental internat for kids. We also were able to have tent meetings with another ministry who had a huge tent. They asked us if we would do afternoon programs for kids and then Vitalik, Pastor Yuri and I would have church services as an evangelistic outreach each night.

Tuberculosis Hospital, Belogorsk

We also visited an incredible woman who has a foster home. She and her husband have taken in 10 children who had been abandoned and abused. She has saved their lives physically and spiritually. What a blessing for these children. TLOT has promised to help support this ministry.

Belogorsk Foster Home

In Kerch we did 3 programs a day: The kindergarten, Disky Dome 2 and Alexander’s orphanage. The entire team has been overwhelmed with the move of the Holy Spirit here in Kerch. It is impossible for me to convey how these young people’s lives are being changed. The relationships are becoming so deep that the streets are being flooded with tears from the orphans and team members as we leave each night.

Kindergarten - Kerch

Thanks to your unwavering support, we were able to give Alexander’s orphanage (425 kids) a DVD player, CD player, Play Station, pens, notebooks, copy paper, scissors, colored pens, colored paper, office supplies, shampoo, soap and toothpaste. We want you to know that the staff and children are very, very grateful for these much needed gifts and supplies. TLOT had also been able to give two washing machines in November to Alexander’s orphanage. We were able to purchase a dishwasher and a refrigerator for them on this trip. Please accept my deepest appreciation for all of your prayers and support.

In His service,


Disky Dome - Kerch

Belogorsk Kindergarten

Sherrel at Orphan House #2 - Sevastopol

Kindergarten Car Races - Belogorsk

Child in Belogorsk Region

Tent for Meetings

Victor - Belogorsk Tent Meeting

Disky Dome - Kerch

Team at Belogorsk Foster Home

Alexander's Orphanage - Kerch

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