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Fall 2006

The team has been blessed in so many ways. The unity and commitment to share the GOOD NEWS with the children and staff was “more than one could expect”. Our team was made up of: Anna from Seminary, Ina from western Ukraine, Ksusha from Seminary, John from Loveland Colorado, Vitalik TLOT Ukrainian National Director, Sherrel and myself. In the Belogorsk Region Pastor Uri, Pastor Victor and Costia were added to the team.

We left Kiev on Saturday, November 4th and arrived in Simferopol Sunday morning. From there we took a van to Sevastopol. At 4 p.m. we were able to have a program at Orphan House #1. This is the first time we have been able to have a program there. We have been ministering to the children from Internot #1 in the summer time at Camp Gorney for 7 years. The kids and staff loved the program. We have been invited back anytime. Thank you Lord. After the program we had a great time of fellowship with the children!!!! On Monday we were blessed with a long visit with Alex, Sveta, Ilea and Karina. The time together was a huge blessing. They agreed to organize the fruit program in Sevastopol this Christmas. We will be giving a fruit package to child at all three Orphanages this year thanks to the support of Dan and Margaret Jones and Toledo Foursquare Church in Toledo, Oregon. Then we had programs at Internot #1 at 4 p.m. and Orphan House #2 at 6 p.m. . We also had a wonderful time with two ladies we support who teach in Sevastopol. They are true missionaries!!! They suffer much persecution.

Belogorsk Region. This has become a very special place to minister. The partnership with Pastor Victor and Pastor Uri combined with the friendship of Costia and all their families has been a great blessing. The team ministered in kindergartens, internots, TB hospital, foster home and visited other missionaries. On Friday the team had 4 programs in different villages and visited two missionary groups. I want to tell you two stories: at the first village we went to on Wednesday we saw a girl whom we had prayed for last summer. I had been praying for her most everyday, she had an infection on her face and many scars that were so bad that she was embarrassed to be seen. We have been praying for complete healing and that is what God did. She has a beautiful complexion with not one scar!!!! PLT!!!! The second story took place on Friday at one of our missionary visits. There was a young man there that all during our visit both Vitalik and I were drawn to spiritually. Neither of us knew it at the time. As we were leaving I started to walk past this young man, I felt led to put my hand on his chest, the power of the Holy Spirit struck both myself and the young man so strongly that we both wept uncontrollably for several minutes. I believe that God was confirming the call on his life. Every day and every program God moved in power!!!

Kerch: In Kerch we are able to see many of the children we minister to in the summer outreaches. We had programs 4 days at the Kindergarten. We gave each child a stocking hat and scarf that was hand knitted by friends of Emily from Longmont. We were also able to give these hats and scarves to the foster family children and children at the Baby Orphanage that Lena is at in Kiev. We had three programs at Distky Dome 2 and 4 programs at Alexander’s Internot. We were able to have open prayer with the children at all of our programs in Kerch. Many prayed the prayer of Salvation!!!! Again many of the older kids were also deeply touched by the sprit of God. We have made arrangements for a fruit package to be given to each child at Christmas time. Two local churches will personally deliver the fruit to each child in all three orphanages in Kerch. Thank you, Calvary Church in Longmont, for making this possible.

Each member of the team was used powerfully by God to minister to these precious children. God also poured out His blessings on each team member. Philemon 1:6, I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ. NIV

May our loving and Powerful Lord Jesus Christ bless each of you. I appreciate all of your faithfulness in prayer and support.

Rich Richmond, President

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