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Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord.

How can we do the work of God that the results would be the most effective? I always think about that each year when we get ready for our outreaches in Crimea. Our time with children in the camps is limited to less than two weeks but the results we are expecting to get would affect the children for eternity. So how to make this short time a life changing experience?

We start from the strong emphasis on team work. Year after year we become more and more confident that our efforts as a team increase the effectiveness of the ministry multiple times. Each trip we gather like-minded people from different towns, countries and backgrounds. And what brings us together, like one person, is the purpose to see the life saving presence of Jesus in each child's heart.

The Heart of Missions

Summer 2006 Camp Gorney

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A well-organized program is another powerful means by which we expect to influence orphans' lives. Many times and in various ways the team stresses the importance of personal relationships with God, the need for repentance and the blessing of having healthy life. Skits, puppets, songs and crafts are meant to leave in children's minds unforgettable impressions about God's truths.

So, do our teams always look like one man? Unfortunately, not always. Sometimes we have hard time meeting together on time. Do our programs always run smoothly? Not always. We are people and we do make mistakes. So what is making the ministry of The Least of These so effective and incredible (as well as any other ministry)? This year God gave me this scripture from Zechariah 4:6 to strengthen my faith as well as of the team, Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord. Exactly, the Lord Himself plays the key role in changing children's lives. He exposes our sin, He heals the wounds and finally He gives salvation. Without Jesus we can do nothing (John 15:5).


This year in our trips to Kerch, Belogorsk and Sevastopol regions we had wonderful teams. I want to thank God and all team members for high level of unity and dedication. The Lord had done many miracles, many lives were touched. Something new in the ministry is happening every year and this year is not exclusion. I want to mention just major ones.

This year for the first time while in Kerch region we had people from the local church participating with us in the ministry to children. We wanted this to happen for several years. And although we were cooperating with local churches in Kerch, we seemed never were able to get a response from individual church members to go with us on the outreaches. This time we had four stable participants from Arch of Salvation Church. Their testimonies about what they have experienced during 10 days of ministry in the team of The Least of These were full of joy, encouragement and fire. In fact after a recent phone call to Kerch we found out that two of them continue to go and visit children at the camp where we ministered. This gives us a big joy in our hearts because it is one of our purposes, to envision local churches to take responsibility for orphans in their regions.

Games, gifts and prizes!

Hair Cut Time

Playing Soccer

Team Work

The ministry in Camp Gorney located in Sevastopol region also deserves all high remarks. By God's grace the team was able to minister not only to young children but to the older children as well. In previous years older kids just were not interested in fellowshipping with team members and knowing anything about Jesus. But this year the doors got opened. Some of the toughest boys 14-15 years old, who went through all possible hardships, who are considered to be criminals were coming, talking to us and asking to tell them more about faith in God. One of them was Sergey. He almost drowned in the sea drunk from alcohol four times, tried to hang himself out the window on the second floor but slipped out of the loop and fell to the ground with his head down. Another boy, also named Sergey, tried all drugs and used to be drug addict for two months. He has hard time to believe that a drug addict with several years of drug use can be freed and live a new life, but he still comes to listen to God's word. Another boy is Aleksey who was convicted of a crime and put on probation for two years, loves Christian songs. Sasha was always around to hear more about Jesus and said that he began to pray every evening before going to sleep. Boy by the name Roman prayed salvation prayer on a three day hike. A girl Anna started to read her Bible and promised to go to Church regularly when they go back to school in September. And so on.

Three-day hike

In this short report I am not mentioning what changes God had made in the hearts of stuff workers in these camps. And of course the members of The Least of These teams have received much spiritual blessings and growth for being obedient to God's calling. There are miracles we have seen and there are those that we have not seen, but all of them were done only by His Spirit. Praise the Lord! What a wonderful time of sowing, time of reaping and time of growing did we have this summer!

Abundant God's blessings to you.

Vitaly Dudukaloff

31 July, 2006

Looking Down on Camp Gorney

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