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Spring 2007

As you are reading the April team report please consider how you can help The Least of These continue to reach these precious children.


40 Outreach Scholarships for students $300 each.

Salary and housing for Vika $450 per month –TLOT full time missionary in Kerch.

Salary for Inna $200 per month— TLOT full time missionary in Kerch-will share housing with Vika.

Printer for Vitalik---$185.

Guitar for Vika ---$150

Laptop computer for Vitalik.

Laptop computer for Vika.

We also need to buy a car for Vitalik and Marina--$6,000 to $7,000.

  What a day.  As we started today we did not know if we would be able to get into any of the orphanages.  We serve an awesome, powerful and faithful God.  Our first meeting was with Alexia, Director of Camp Gorney.  He, too, informed us that the Mayor’s office and the Director of Education had said no more visitors to camps or orphanages.  After our hour-and-a-half meeting, he told Vitalik that he thought he would be able to work out everything and he sincerely wants us to be at Camp Gorney this summer.  He was very emotional about this.  

  Vitalik was making phone calls all day long to Directors.  Our first appointment that Vitalik was able to set up was with Orphan House #2.  Same story, new singer!!  Meeting started off by telling us that the government and secret service had said no more visitors. Then it changed to “we must let them know ahead of time who is coming”.  We didn’t get to do a program, but we saw many of the children.  We were able to give a big hug to Katia from Christie and said hello to many of the kids from Chris.  Sorry Jacquie, we were not able to see Roma.  It was left that we could come back anytime that we want to with prior notice.

  The next door that opened was Internot #1.  They again told us that they had been told “no visitors”.  But said that since we were such good friends with the children and that the children liked us so much they would bring all the children down to a room and let us have 20 minutes with them.  We had great fellowship.  Yes, Margaret, we were able to give Vasa a big hug from you.  The second door was opened.

  We then, at 7:00 p.m., were able to do a 1-hour program and Orphanage #1.  Again we were told that there could be no visitors, but because we were so well liked by the children they would give us an hour with them.  The third door was opened wide.

     I am overwhelmed by God’s faithfulness.  We went to a new church to us on Sunday and after the service one of the young people (I would guess 16-17 years old) came up and told us that she remembered us from 3-4 years ago, when we did Kid’s Crusades in Sevastopol, and that is how she came to the Lord.    She has been serving the Lord ever since and is very active in this church that we visited.  Also on Sunday we were able to spend some incredible time with Alex, Sveta, Elijah and Karina in Balaclava.

  We had dinner late that night at Nalya’s flat and invited Galya, from Pastor Andrey’s church (we visited Sunday morning) and also Vasa who had graduated from Orphan House #2.  We had great fellowship.  Vitalik, Vasa and I went to the kitchen and talked about salvation.  I told him that I wanted to spend eternity with him and compared a couple of centimeters to the life here on earth to the hundreds of kilometers from the west side of Ukraine to the east side.  He said that he would have to think about it.  Vitalik whispered to me, “Let’s just be quiet”.  A few moments later Vasa hugged Vitalik and I and said that he wanted to spend eternity with us.  Vitalik lead him in the sinner’s prayer and then explained to him how incredible his decision was.  When he was leaving he said he was going to ask his boss to have a week off so he could help us and be a part of the team at Camp Gorney.  We have known Vasa for 8 or 9 years.  Another incredible miracle.

  I am believing and I am convinced that this is just the beginning.

Belogorsk Region:

We picked up Matt and Heide, missionaries to Russia, and a Campus Crusade friend Jamie in Sevastopol. We were blessed to have them as team members. Pastor Uri and Costia, a missionary we partner with in the Belogorsk Region had arranged for 4 programs the first day, 8 the second day (we split into 2 teams) 5 the third day and 4 the 4th day. On Easter Sunday we were asked to do programs at 2 churches. God powerfully moved in our programs where we shared the gospel with hundreds of children. We also went to a TB hospital for adults. This is a sad, dark place people are sent to die. We have been there several times in the past, but this time was very special. There was a powerful breakthrough in prayer, people asking for prayers for healing and salvation. Vitalik, Uri and I visited 4 ladies in a room that was beyond words in its condition. We prayed hugged and loved these ladies. It was obvious that unless the Lord heals them they will be going home to the Lord soon. I am humbled that God would use us in such a loving way.  


 It is like a homecoming when we visit the Kindergarten and Alexander’s orphanage. We have so many dear friends there. We had a VERY special treat this time!!! Jim and Linda Deeming were in Kerch adopting two children, Lisa & Tema, whom we have known for years. How thankful we are that the team was able to share this wonderful time with the Deeming Family. Lisa & Tema are now home in Colorado.

     The Kerch kindergarten is always a highlight in our trips. We are able to openly pray and teach the gospel story with all the children, even the teachers have asked for prayer. As the children get older these relationships allow us to continue the mentoring process as they move to Alexander’s orphanage for older children. One example is a young man 16 years old who graduated from Alexander’s last year. Vadim has made a commitment to serve God with all his heart. He was a valuable part of our team ministering in the orphanage he was once a part of. Vadim wants to be able to go to Bible school in the fall. We have promised that The Least of These will support him in his education. Once he graduates from Bible school he wants to be a missionary with The Least of These reaching the lost and forgotten children of Ukraine.  This is such a miracle that an orphan will be ministering to orphans. Praise the Lord. In Alexander’s we have been blessed with the hunger of the children to fellowship with us. Even the older children are interested in knowing more about Jesus. Many lives were changed!!

  I am excited to announce that we will have a full time missionary in Kerch starting in September. Vika, a graduate from the UTES Seminary in Kiev, will work with the children from both the kindergarten and Alexander’s.

   Again I want to thank each of you for your prayers and support.

In His service,


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