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Fall 2007

2007 Missions

Vitalik, a leader hard at work.


Sherrel, Anya, & Rich

Luda & Alina

Cooks of Camp Hope



Pastor Uri






Marina, Nastia, Inna

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Sergey, Anna, Stacy, Inna, April

Marina, Nastia


Sergey, Anna, Stacy, Inna, April

Marina, Nastia

Praise God for his continued faithfulness!!!! The Least of These team had a new and different look this November. Lyne Hitt, a gifted preacher/teacher, and three other ladies from Georgia, Stacie, Windy and April were a part of our team.  Galya, a gifted Christian translator, joined our normal outreach team lead by Vitalik. Galya was an incredible blessing to our team. Her tender heart for the Lord shows why she is an important part of the church in Sevastopol.


Vitalik and his team was made up of, Anna from UTES Seminary, Marina a graduate of KBI Bible School, and Sergey from a church in Ternopol.  They were joined by four church workers from Sevastopol to minister to the orphans in Sevastopol. The four church workers from Sevastopol were also part of our team who  ministered at Camp Gorney this summer. They had a good time ministering to the children plus visiting Vasya, Nalya and Valentina. They spent three days in Sevastopol and then joined the rest of the team in Belogorsk.  

Belogorsk Region

In Belogorsk Lyne and Stacy shared at a three day conference hosted by Pastor Uri and a missionary couple Costia and Leona. They had invited a worship team from their home church in Dneprodzerzhinsk. The worship team had two guitars, a saxophone and a violin and was lead by Pastor Victor who played one of the two guitars. Sherrel and I were joined by Vika, a TLOT missionary from Kerch. We were told that this was the first Christian conference ever held in Belogorsk.  There were women from all over the Belogorsk Region, pastors, missionaries and Tatar believers who enjoyed the fellowship.  There was a powerful spirit of unity that touched all who were there.

Mental Internot


The conference team left for Kerch on Wednesday while Vitalik, Vika and the outreach team held 13 outreaches in the Belogorsk Region thru Saturday. Hundreds of children and many adults heard the GOOD NEWS ABOUT JESUS CHRIST. Before the conference team left for Kerch, our entire team spent the morning and part of the afternoon at Victor & Natasha’s foster home.  They are the foster parents of 11 very fortunate Ukrainian children.  What a blessing it was to spend this time with them.  Nastia, one of the missionary’s wives, joined the team in Belogorsk and also traveled to Kerch with the team. She was a great team member.

Belogorsk Women’s Conference

Foster Family

In Kerch we held two three-day conferences. Many people were blessed by Lyne and Stacy’s teaching. On Sunday morning Lyne preached at Pastor Pavel’s church and Vitalik preached at Pastor Sergey Homenko’s church.

Kerch Women’s Conference


The outreach team was joined by Inna another full-time TLOT missionary in Kerch. The outreach team was able to spend from 2 p.m. until 8 p.m. Monday thru Thursday with the orphans in the big Internot. We were able to fellowship, sing songs, have dramas, puppet skits and pray with many of the children. God truly blessed this time!!!

We also had a meeting with three pastors and the director of Camp Hope to discuss how to best reach the orphans and pass out fruit to each child. The group had many good ideas. We chose to give the fruit in February rather than at Christmas time. With New Year’s celebrations and all the other activities it was decided that February would be best. We also agreed that Vika, Inna, pastors and other church members would prepare programs so that we will do an outreach type program then give a bag of fruit to each child and also to staff for their children. The pastors also asked if we would consider going to about 20 kindergartens in Kerch with the programs and fruit. What an incredible opportunity this would be. We would be able to reach between 3000 and 4000 children. We said we would agree to do the programs subject to receiving the necessary funding. We think going to all the kindergartens will cost $3,000 to $4,000 additional dollars. If God leads you to help, please send your gift to The Least of These and mark it ‘FRUIT FOR KERCH CHILDREN’.

We also have three other big needs:

1) We need a laptop computer for Vika in Kerch. If you have an old one you would like to give to her please let me know. We can give a tax credit for your gift. (Need met.)

2) We are in much need for funds to complete the Ministry Center. If God leads you to help please mark all gifts “MINISTRY CENTER”.

3) A missionary that we know and trust is starting a rehab center for drug addicts and alcoholics. He needs funding for monthly salaries for his staff and food. He owns the property and has buildings to house this ministry. He needs about $300 to $500 per month. If God leads you to help with all or part of David’s needs please mark your gifts “REHAB CENTER’.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. As you can see, God is moving powerfully in Ukraine. We are amazed at the doors he just keeps opening!!!

Your faithful co-worker in Christ,