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A ministry targeting young people around the world, sharing the Love of God in Word and Deed.

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Valera Berezin

  What this trip has given to the children. The ministry (mission) is growing and has more opportunities to evangelize to a bigger quantity of children. More places are being opened for evangelism. God uses TLOT teams not only for the ministry to children but to adults as well. The relationships with pastors of local churches are growing. In two weeks, with God's help, the team was able to hold many programs for children along with several evangelism meetings for adults as well. The ministry of The Least of These was an encouragement for many ministers and pastors to change their views about children's ministry.

  For me personally the ministry was a huge experience and I have never regretted it, although it was hard. The ministry of The Least of These is a ministry not only to children but to young leaders as well. When you are in the team your views on the family are changed and you look differently on the raising of children in the family. I am very thankful to God for this wonderful opportunity.

Valera Berezin

Summer 2007