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  My team was ministering in Belogorsk Region from June 16 – 26, 2007. We had 30 children’s programs in 20 villages, and I can assure you that God is working in a special way in Crimea. This summer (2 weeks) was my third trip with The Least of These to Crimea. This does not count the trips I have made with TLOT during the spring and fall. Children from different places recognize us and tell us about their experiences with God.

  This summer we were spent a lot of time with children in Belogorsk. I'm glad because we were able to share a lot with them. All our skits were telling the children the history of how the world came to being and about the Satan and sin. So at the end of the trip we were bringing kids to repentance, and I am sure, they realized the meaning of it.

  When we invited children to come to Sunday service they all came and that was a testimony to me about the effectiveness of our work with children. I thought that maybe a couple of kids would come; instead there were 10 or 12 of them. It was a wonderful time. We sang songs, and not only children's songs with motions, but more serious ones – about the sacrifice of Jesus, about salvation.

Vika Krivaya

  as especially glad to share my testimony from my childhood about my coming to the Lord. I was grateful to pastor Yuri from Belogorsk for his openness. We were thanking God that he brought us together. For the time we are working together many things have taken place; God has opened doors of many kindergartens, in some of them caretakers have repented. God opened doors to several schools where children can learn about God during our programs. God has started a church in the village of Muromskoye. God started children's ministries in the villages of Zelenogorsk, Miezhgoriye, Stary Krym. I know that all of this is God's work in which The Least of These teams has had an active part. I'm glad that our ministry is growing, multiplying and baring fruit. Often we do not completely understand what fruit this ministry produces, but I know that this ministry changes children, people, team members and pastors. The ministry to the glory of God!!!

Vika Krivaya

Summer 2007