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Spontaneous  Kids’ Program

Spring 2010

We have truly been blessed here in Kerch!!!! The director at the large Internot is going though MUCH persecution from government officials. He asked us not to have programs like we had planned. We were surprised, but God had a plan. The ministry was powerful. Three of the team members held a class on drugs and alcohol. Kolya gave his testimony about how Jesus saved his life and now he is serving the Lord as a missionary. Each night between 6 & 8 p.m. we were allowed to fellowship with the children in the main courtyard. They asked many questions. We prayed with many of the children. God is changing their lives!!!!  

We also had programs in a TB sanatorium & an Internot for mentally ill children in Kerch.

God has truly blessed this trip. Thank you for your prayers and support.

We had meetings with Galya, Alex and Sveta. We also met with Pastor Andrey to plan this summer's two-week camp. We then drove to an area close to Gorney, made a circle of about thirty  miles through four or five villages where he wants to plant churches. One of the villages is where we will have our camp and plant a new church.

Saturday we had three programs at a new place for us called the Shelter, where children go before they are sent to orphanages.  We had GREAT a program. Next we went to Ditsky Dome 1 and had good program. Then on to Ditsky Dome 2-YES, we had over an hour program there. It was a true miracle!!!!  We headed back to the apartment and had another meeting with Andrey. At about 8 p.m. Vasya, Denis and Arcadia visited for about two hours.

The Shelter

Easter Sunday we went to Balaclava for church at Pastors Michael's church. What an honor to share God's word on Resurrection Day. Alex and family were there. It was an uplifting time for the church. At 5 p.m. we headed to Belogorsk.

Monday we had an all day prayer meeting. Several of the pastors and missionaries were late so we went outside and started to sing worship songs. Kids started to come to the gate. Within minutes we had a kid's program going with about twenty kids.

Tuesday we had five programs. Wednesday we had five programs.  Two of the programs were in villages that we had never been in before.  I believe many people in these two villages had never heard about Jesus.  It was very encouraging for the missionary who is starting a new work in these villages.  The children have been enjoyed and responded to the programs.  After the last program, we went to Momma Anya's (Tatar family - mother and two sons).  She made an incredible meal for the whole team, fourteen in all.  After dinner we had good fellowship, then they pulled out the guitars.   People would play then pass the guitar to the next person.  It was an incredible time of spirit-filled worship.  We sang until almost ten p.m. and then had over a half hour drive back to Pastor Yuri's.  God has really bonded our team and Anya's family together.

Ditsky Dome 2

Thursday:  Another day of five programs:  four kindergartens and one kid's club.  The Kid's club was another village that we had never had a program in.  The missionary did a great job getting the village together.  There were over a hundred children, teens, and adults.  They loved the program and many prayed the prayer of salvation.  The kindergartens today were very interesting.  The first one we went to had about thirty-five to forty kids.  Again they all loved and responded to the program.  The director was a Tatar lady and after the program she invited us for chi (tea).  She told us a story with tears running down her cheeks, about her one-year-old grandson who had just had open heart surgery.  The doctors said he wasn't doing well and she asked us to pray for him.  It was an incredible and powerful time of prayer.  She asked if we would continue to pray for him and we told her we would.  His name is Temor.  Please pray for complete healing and that this miraculous healing will be a miraculous sign that will lead thousands in the Belogorsk Region to Jesus.

The rest of the programs were good.  There were many children in each program.  The last kindergarten had about eighty-five kids.  At the last two kindergartens, both directors asked for prayers for the safety of their kindergartens.  That the Government officials would stop the persecution and for provisions for the kindergartens.  This is a miracle that the directors would ask for prayer.  The whole team would pray for each director.  This is truly a miracle in its self.

Kids’ Clubs

Tatar Villages


Friday we had four programs. One of the most important programs was at an Internot for boys that have been sent there for discipline. A very hard place. This was our 4th or 5th program there. God gave us GREAT FAVOR with the kids and staff. There was a huge break through. Praise the LORD! Saturday we had four more good programs.  Sunday we attended church with Pastor Yuri. Vitalik and I shared God's word. After we had a program about thirty miles away and then drove another hundred-plus miles to Kerch.

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