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  I came from Gadyach, Poltava Oblast. I am a member of Grace Church. I live with Christ for 6 years. The Lord caused me to go on this trip, he gave me desire to share love, to pray and minister. This was my first trip but I have a big desire to participate in missions. During our time in the camp I have gained a lot and received freedom. I got rid of many fear complexes and strongholds. My heart grew bigger and I was able to accept children and team members. I have learned to have compassion for each other, to love, to bare each others burdens, to forgive, to be patient and to develop discipline. All of this because of looking at our team. Through them the Lord has let me receive all of  this. I am sincerely thankful for finances that were invested into the mission, and accommodations, transportation, materials and food. I am very thankful for this money. Because of the Lord moving your hearts to sacrifice your money, this camp became possible. Also, because of the Directors, Vitalik & Marina, for their clarity, unity and love, this camp became possible. Because of Rich, Sherrel for sacrificing their time and labor to come to Ukraine and minister this camp was possible. It

is very, very strong. In this 11 days I saw many changes in the lives of the children. Because of the light that was shinning through the word, because of prayers and games, children began to change. They started to pray, open up. Because of the Lord they received Christ in their hearts. I also thank the team of workers in the camp. They also were a help like a right hand.

   In my heart I’ve got more warmth, joy, humility, simplicity, self-control. I have learned to forgive and love with unconditional love. All the team and children became my family and living in the camp I believe it is only for a time. Seems like I am leaving my home. For me the camp became a big family. I thank you for sea, my dream came true. For a long time I dreamt about going to the sea. My attitude towards children has changed. Staying with them I became a child myself. My sincere thanks to all of you. It is super. May the Lord bless you abundantly. It is very important to minister on the Lord’s field. Let the Most High pour his riches on you. The fire of the mission is spreading further and further. God bless. I love you.

The Lord gave me understanding that the fire of a mission will spread wider, because of this time spending in the ministry of the camp. The Lord showed me a big fire and all team members started to burn from it and took it to their churches. And this fire is going to spread to other people and an anointing will follow every team member to the places they go. Big revival of the Gospel will come from Ukraine because of the Lord and your support. As it is written in the Word that in the last days the Gospel will go further and further. And this time has already come. Children are the sheep and I saw the camp is like a doorway open wide and the flocks of sheep go through them to the camp. We believe that this fruit is going to remain. I love you. You are doing a big work. It is powerful. Praise to the Lord.

With much respect, team member,

Summer 2010