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A ministry targeting young people around the world, sharing the Love of God in Word and Deed.

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Pastor Vitaly

  Dear brothers and sisters that participate in the ministry of The Least of These who support us in prayer and in finances, with the word of God, who sacrifice their time and strength for this wonderful ministry of God, a huge thank you on behalf of the team that you financed for this labor and from me, the pastor of the church in Fursy Village, Kiev Oblast.
   We had 10 wonderful days with children sewing into their hearts the most important thing for their lives - the living word of our Savior Jesus Christ, that will give meaning all of their lives. With our own eyes we saw how children were changed and their hearts were melting because of the love of God. No treasures of this world can be worth the saved souls of these children. And we saw the glory of God when the Holy Spirit came down and 54 children, with team leaders, were praying, receiving Christ in

their hearts. We say those tears of repentance and light in the eyes was the light of God the Father. It is your labor as well, your sacrifice and your reward. If not for you, it would not have happened.
   Thank you, thank you, thank you. I wish you God’s blessings, happiness and much fruit in all you do for the Lord.

With respect,

Summer 2010