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A ministry targeting young people around the world, sharing the Love of God in Word and Deed.

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  I want to say a huge thanks to you that have given me an opportunity to be in this camp. While being in this blessed place, I became closer to my Creator. I felt his touch, his presence, saw how he was acting, how he was changing me and how he was changing children. I saw how important those trips are, both for children and for us adults. I was thinking a lot about what plans the Lord has for me. This ministry to children and the camp helped me to get final decision. Before, I was thinking I would serve only small children. But staying here as a team member I realized that God loves everyone the same, that we should minister without picking. The Lord showed this to me through the children, through emotions that were flooding my heart every time I would fellowship with children. I look back to the sleepless nights, program preparations until 1 or 2 in the morning and I see how the Lord blessed this camp. I see how he was filling our hearts with love towards children and each other, with wisdom, fresh ideas and how he renewed our strength. This camp in my life was the first one.

  It was the first time that I worked with children. I am thankful to God my father that he sent me to this camp with this team. Again I thank you again for opening your hearts to God. Because of that, many have heard about him. Because of your support the seed was planted.

May the Lord bless you, reward you many fold,

Summer 2010