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Spring 2011

This is our first trip to Crimea in our TLOT VAN !!!!!! What a blessing!!!!

We left Kiev on March 16th for Sevastopol. It is about 900 Kilometers. We had meetings with ministry partners and a program at an orphanage.

We were asked to share God’s word at Pastors Michael’s church in Balaclava on Sunday March 27th.

Simferopol: 5 days of outreaches. We partnered with a local Tatar Church and Andrei & Sveta, missionaries. Each morning about 10 to 15 kids would come to the apartment and have prayer and praise time, then prepare for programs for that afternoon. Several nights there were Bible studies with the kids.

On Friday we went to Belogorsk for a Conference hosted by TLOT for pastors, missionaries and local church workers. It was a great success.

Held services on Sunday with Pastor Yuri.

On Monday, March 28th we started 6 days of programs in Tatar villages. 21 programs !!!!! I believe a revival is starting to take place. One village, that 3 kids from that village who went to Camp Hope last summer, had over 40 people come to the program. Many unbelievers were there and in that culture this is a miracle. In another village a woman we had prayed for several times has a great testimony. She had to have surgery, during surgery she was dying, they did CPR and broke ribs, punctured a lung. She was in a coma and heard doctors and nurses saying she was not expected to live. Another doctor came in and said she would live. In the meantime her relatives took up a collection for the village for her funeral. This same doctor came in a second time and again said she would live. Miraculously over the next few days she recovered. She asked before she left the hospital if she could say thank you to the doctor with the beard. The staff said there was NO doctor with a beard there. Just then the family of another patient there brought an Orthodox Icon of Jesus into the ward she was in. She pointed to the icon of Jesus and said “THAT’S THE DOCTOR”!!!!! She is now testifying in her village what Jesus did for her. In many of the villages we had programs, there were wonderful testimonies of what the Lord is doing!!!!!!

We arrived Sunday night in Kerch. Monday we had a great meeting with the director of the big internot in Kerch and made arrangements for programs Monday through Thursday at the Internot. These four nights of programs were great. These are many of the kids that were at Camp Hope 2 summers ago and their commitment to the Lord is strong. Our program at the Kerch Mental Internot was blessed. When we prayed they repeated the prayer with loud and strong voices!!!

God bless,

Rich Richmond

2011 Missions

Our Team

We added five new team members in Kerch.

Ksusha, Dasha, Lena, Vitalik, Lena, Vitaly, Ksusha