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A ministry targeting young people around the world, sharing the Love of God in Word and Deed.

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  Hello, my name is Lena. These 10 days I was working as a caregiver. I always like to be close with children especially play with them and sing and talk. In these 10 days we had children from the Internot (orphanage). Each child had their own story of how he or she got to the Internot. Unfortunately they had hard life. When you look how they are smiling from all of their hearts my soul becomes warm. The first day when children arrived they all were so quiet and calm and wanted to go back to the Internot. On the second day they showed their hard character. On the third day they became used to us and even close friends. On the fourth day children already liked camp but not all. But this did not last long because we showed how Christ was washing disciples feet and then the crucifixion and children were crying. Almost 90 children came forward for repentance. I think that they come with whole soul from whole heart, because after that children started to change. Many of them quit smoking and talking with bad words. Many of them were coming and asking about Christ, church and what they need to do in their lives. The rest of the time we were


helping children to be on good path. The day we say goodbye to them they are crying, hard crying, although we will have relationships with them.

  Very big thank you to you and Jesus for this opportunity to fellowship with children and save them. I, with my sister, are very glad for this opportunity and thanking God for all He does for us.

God bless you! Amen!

Lena Glenskaya

Summer 2011