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  Hello, my name is Oksana. This is my second time at Camp Hope. A big thank you to the whole team of Rich and to the people who supported us. Thank you for the big privilege to be here in Kerch ministering to the kids.

  I want to say what was happening in the camp. Ministering to the orphans my heart was healing and opening for more love. God healed my heart and the kid’s heart. I saw how God’s love for us, it is compassion. How Jesus loves us sinners and how I learned to love, not thinking about the bad things. My relationships with my mom became better. I saw the problem. My mom grew up in an orphanage. She didn’t have love and it was difficult for her to love me. Sometimes I was mad at her but when I came here and lived with these children I am very sorry that I was mad. My heart is full of love to her. I had a revelation that I didn’t need to give her my love. I asked her for forgiveness. I don’t want to judge her. I need to love.

   In camp living close to children God taught me to love more and have compassion toward children. Love is victory, it kills even the pride. More patience, from it children have big

changes. When we didn’t return bad for bad, even when they were bad, but we were blessing them. Children were coming to God and asking for forgiveness, asking us

to pray for them, to talk about Jesus. My heart was so full of these children. I am very thankful for this camp. You are helping do a very big job. It is very important. We children of God need to love them and teach them.

  Let God bless you. God very much likes sacrifice. Thank you for the organization, Rich and Sherrel. They are very good. They are making us stronger soldiers in this world. They are very good father and mother for us. Thank you Jesus for them. Thank you Vitalik, Lori and whole team. He is keeping us in team. I too learned from them to be joyful, purposeful, sincere. They have much of it. This time is very important to do God’s work in this world. All what we did here kid’s will remember because world will not give it for them. You are doing big job. Your sacrifice financially and time. Big thank you that we can minister to these children in the camp.

Let God bless you.

We love you and appreciate you and remember you in our hearts. Through you all this happened. Hallelujah.


Summer 2011