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Valera Berezin

  I am very thankful to God and to those people who gave their money and finances in this trip. When I was driving here I did not understand it well. I thought that I would minister to these kids and this did happen. But God had a plan for me: His plan. I always didn’t have good feelings about the trip. And in the last time I spiritually had bad times I cannot go away from it. Vanity got a hold of me. Here I left all my problems and didn’t think about them. First it was hard but God didn’t give to us hardships that we cannot pass. Devotions in the morning were hard for me but God was touching me little by little and I feel and know that He took me out from the bad feelings. And I am full of strength but tired physically.  

   I thank Rich that he was hard to us in the discipline and in other times

soft. In this camp I was helping Vitalik (leader of The Least of These in Ukraine) and was living in his room. Now he is an example for me of ministering to God. I hope that God will lead me to this point some day.

   I thank you for those who were praying but didn’t see what happened here. It is a big blessing for everyone to minister to the children. I saw how God was coming to the children but not everybody was able to let Him come into their heart. But this ministry had meaning even if just one of the least of these would be saved.

Valera Berezin

Summer 2011