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As we left the Ministry Center on March 4th it was snowing pretty hard and we had 900 kilometers to drive. After about 15 kilometers our tires were spinning trying to get over the railroad crossing. What would lie ahead? After about another 10 minuets the roads started to clear and we had good road conditions all the way to Simferopol!!!! Praise the LORD! This was the first of several miracles.

The apartment we normally stay at in Simferopol was not going to be available. Rufshan and Sasha were about to have their baby. Where would we stay??? Vitalik started to call many people to see if anyone had a place for us to stay. A missionary in Belogorsk Region talked to a Pastor in Simferopol, whom we had never met, he in turn talked to a member of his church, whom we had never met, and she offered us her home for a week. Gulnara was a wonderful host!!! Another miracle: We attended her church and met her pastor. He has a huge heart for children and also a prison ministry.


The ministry at the girl’s Internot was wonderful. We were able to have programs there four nights. The church we invited to work with the girls' Internot is having bible studies on Thursday nights at the Internot. God laid on my heart that even more needed to be done. We met with a wonderful family (husband and wife along with their son and wife) that have built a church about 15 kilometers east of Simferopol. After sharing my heart with them they agreed to visit the Internot and pray to see if this was what God wanted them to do. They have committed to visit the girl’s Internot each Monday for fellowship and bible study. It is my hope that this will turn into a home church within the Internot -                                           another miracle.


In Simferopol we also met for the first time another pastor that wants to work with us reaching kids in this area. He in turn introduced us to a foster family who have been helping children for over 20 years and now have 11 foster children. They are leaders of a foster family association in Crimea and want us to help them lead these other families to Jesus. We plan work with them this summer.

Vitalik: “We (TLOT team) just have finished the week of ministry in the Belogorsk Region with numerous Muslim population of Tatars. It was a wonderful time! The team worked together great. But most of all the blessings of God and his favor were just incredible! We feel that we have the authority to come to kindergartens and schools where Tatar and Ukrainian kids are and tell them about God, His love and the need for repentance. We pray with the kids at the end. All of that in schools is not allowed by the law. We were breaking the law! (Hallelujah!!!) Praise God for his miracles!!! And I thank God for your prayers and support, they worked!” Rich: we also visited several of the missionaries and home churches. Wonderful times of fellowship and praise.

Spring 2012

Rufshan & Sasha’s baby girl

Our Hostess in Simferopol - Gulnara

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In Kerch we spent three evenings at the Boy’s Internot singing songs and GREAT times talking with the boys. We were able to play games with the younger boys. Had meeting with Director of Boy’s Internot to plan this summer’s camp at Camp Hope. It will be the first “ALL BOY’S” camp. This is going to be a wonderful opportunity to mentor these boys. On Wednesday we had a program at the Kerch Mental Internot. The kids LOVED it!!!! Songs, puppets, skits and prayer; Also had wonderful times with our ministry partners here in Kerch.

God bless,


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