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Rufshan & Sasha's baby

I also want to take time to thank Tanya, director at Camp Hope for taking good care of us in Kerch. Luda, what a blessing you are. Your love for us in preparing our meals each time we come to Camp Hope is something we will never forget. God bless you.

Again God did more than we could ever expect!!!

Thank you all for your prayers and support,

In His service,

Rich & Sherrel

School Programs

2012 Fall Report

2012 Missions

A few highlights!!!

On Saturday, November 3rd we had an all day prayer meeting with about 20 coworkers in the Lord from the Belogorsk Region.  As the meeting was getting started two leaders of other ministry organizations shared with us a BIG problem. They asked if we would not talk about God or pray in the schools and kindergartens they work with so that the directors would not be offended. I and Vitalik explained that we would honor their wishes; HOWEVER we would only do programs where we could praise the Lord and pray with the children even if it met hardships. We prayed, sang songs, fellowshipped and ate together all day long. The next day at Pastor Yuri’s church services the two leaders told us that they had changed their minds and wanted TLOT to go and preach the gospel and they would support us even if it meant persecution. PTL!!!!!

Children’s Mental Internot. What a blessing it is to be able to minister to these wonderful children.

Men’s Mental Sanatorium. This was our second time to visit the men there. It was like visiting a “leper colony”, you could almost hear “UNCLEAN, UNCLEAN.” We had a great program with about 80 men and after the program we hugged, talked and prayed with them for a LONG TIME. I know Jesus was there and lives were changed.

We were blessed to have Chris Watkins join us on October 26th at the Ministry Center. Chris is a long time friend, supporter and Board Member of The Least of These. We left for Sevastopol on Sunday October 28th. On the way we picked up two more team members in Bellaserka, Valera and Andrew. It is an all day drive, about 900 kilometers. On Monday we visited friends and coworkers in the ministry in Sevastopol. The team headed for Simferopol on Tuesday while Chris stayed in Sevastopol for about a week visiting friends she had met when they were small children in the orphanages who are now adults some married with children of their own. She had a great time of fellowship and encouraged them in the Lord.

THE TEAM:  Rich, Andrew, Sherrel, Vanya, Natasha Pastor Yuri's wife, Lesa, Luda, Vitalik, Valera

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent visiting Rufshan and his family and the girl’s Internot in Simferopol. We stayed at Misha’s mom and dad’s Prayer House. What a blessing. On Thursday we headed for Belogorsk for programs in schools, kindergartens, clubs, church services and visiting missionaries and their families in the Belogorsk Region.

Chris and Ana Marie joined us Saturday night in Belogorsk. They left for Kiev on Tuesday November 6th. Chris was able to spend two days with Marina and then flew home on November 9th.

Ana Marie


On Thursday, November 8th we were able to go back to the girl’s Internot in Simferopol for a program for the whole Internot in their auditorium. What a blessing.

Thank you Lord for your favor in all the schools and kindergartens with the children, teachers and directors!!!!

KERCH TEAM:  Lena, Kasha, Vitalik,Lena, Valera

On Saturday evening, November 10th we drove to Kerch. Sunday was church day!!! Sunday morning was with Pastor Frolov and Sunday night with Pastor Homenko.  On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights we were able to spend several hours with the boys. We were also able to have an assembly program on Tuesday afternoon for all the boys through grade 7. The Least of These also took 9 boys and bought shoes for them. Big smiles from the boys!!!!

Church service with Pastor Yuri.

The team had a wonderful program at the Children TB Sanatorium in Kerch. The Sanatorium was in desperate need of plates, bowls and cups for the children. We partnered with Pastor Frolov’s church and were able to buy the dishes they needed.

Kerch Younger Children’s Internot

Rich driving in Ukraine!!

Pastor Alex and Family - Balaclava

Missionary Vitaly and family with new baby