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 The first day we had two programs.  As we were driving back to Yuri and Natasha’s after the second program I knew that God was blessing our ministry more than I could imagine.  The first program was at the Belogorsk Mental Internot for children.  Over the years we have seen a wonderful difference in the children and staff.  God continues to minister to these precious children.

Summer 2012 Belegorsk Region

  Our second program was at a mental sanatorium for men.  We had never been there before and while we were setting up for the program I must admit it was a bit intimidating.  There were 50+ men at the program.  As Sherrel started to take pictures, as she does at all of our programs, I asked her not to take any pictures.  As the program continued the presence of the Lord grew stronger and stronger.  The men seemed to enjoy the program a great deal.  As the team was preparing to leave, guided by the Holy Spirit, I grabbed Vitalik and said let’s hug and shake every man’s hand here.  What an awesome time of ministry that was.  I can’t start to explain the joy that came on these men’s faces as we shared the love of Jesus with them.  It was a point in my life I will never forget.


 The next 10 days was filled with outreaches in many of the Tatar/Muslim villages.  Children and adults alike increased in number and listened as Vitalik and the team shared the Good News of Jesus Christ.  On Saturday, June 23, we were able to hold a program in Simferopol for several of the foster families and their children.  We had about 50 children and adults and after the program we were able to share Jesus with the parents and pray for them.  We are praying that the door will be opened for more opportunities to minister to the foster families and their children.



Puppets and Crafts

 We are so thankful that God continues to pour out his favor on this ministry in the Belogorsk Region.  God has also continued to bless our partnership with Yuri and Natasha.  For the past 7 years we have watched the birth of this ministry, singing and preaching on the streets to now having a strong local church in Belogorsk, partnering with missionaries in 8 villages, and openly holding Christian programs in many schools and kindergartens, plus outreaches to hundreds and hundreds of children and adults.

Your continued prayers and financial support are greatly appreciated!!!

God bless,

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Tatar Village with Muslim Family Enjoying the Program

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