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Summer 2012 Camp Hope




Learning Skills

Bible Study


God is faithful. He is changing lives.

The boys leave tomorrow, Sunday, June 17th. They are leaving different than they came. Jesus met them face to face. Please take time to look at their faces and pray that God will continue to work in their lives, that each boy will serve God all the days of their lives.


By Vitalik

Day One: who is guilty?

   a. Here we would present to children that the entire humanity has suffered a crash in attempt to live life for God. It is similar to an airplane crash. We are on this earth with no means for living with God. None of us can contact him and have him take us to our best destination. But we have heard that God is coming to get us and take us to his Kingdom. But why did we end up here? Who is guilty? Did God not take good care of us that we got into sin? Did someone teach us wrong ways and now we are here? Or was it us who did something wrong and we suffer the consequences? Who is guilty?

   b. On this day we want to tell kids that we are all sinners. Sometimes we suffer the consequences of the mistakes from our parents or from other people. But we learn their ways and make a decision to do and live the same way. This is our sin. We are guilty.

Day two: How can we help ourselves?

    a. Here we have to show children that people are in pain. We are learning to do different things just to reduce the pain and get our life to be better. But any of our attempts do not bring us to a desirable result. We fail. Like people that crashed on an island they are trying to survive trying different roots, leaves, water and other things just to support their life. But anything they put in their mouth makes them sick and some even die.

    b. Children should see that nothing in this life really can satisfy people’s hunger. Anything they try, even the best looking things really do not fit into our heart only God can meet all of our needs.

Day 3: Help me!!!

   a. Now we are looking for help from outside. We look around and we see that there is God’s news that he is coming to save us. The only condition would be to believe in his return and follow the survival (salvation) instructions (God’s word).

   b. We should say to kids that there is a help from God. He is helping us through our faith if we obey his word. We should warn kids that there are other “faiths” that try to tell us that the way to God is through them. But we should follow only to Jesus.

Day 4: What did Jesus do?

   a. Jesus came and paid for all our mistakes. He gave us food to eat and water to drink that do not make us sick.

    b. We tell kids that we are destined to die if we don’t have connection with God. So God stretched his hand down to us through Jesus. He paid for our sins and gave us life.

Day 5: What do I do now?

   a. Now, what are the food and the water that Jesus gives us? Where to find it? What to do with them?

    b. It is time to explain to children about importance to have personal relationship with Jesus. We are going to talk about prayer, word and the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Day 6: Can I crash again?

   a. Now we need to talk about the danger to go back and start helping yourself with worldly things. In other words, we are talking about temptations and overcoming them.

Day 7: Is there others who have crashed.

   a. Yes, and they need our help. We are called to minister to people and especially to those who still don’t know Jesus.

Day 8: Salvation and judgment.

   a. Jesus is coming to save us.

    b. Those who refuse Him will be condemned to eternal hell.

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