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My name is Anya.  I am the caregiver of the charitable organization Global Action for several years.

With the mission of The Least of These I was working this past year in the summer 2011 but I was not part of the team.  I was just a caregiver.  This year, summer 2012, our organization was working with mission of The Least of These with 90 boys from the orphanage.

In the beginning of this shift I wanted camp to be over.

But during a few days all changed!  Boys changed and my attitude towards them changed.

They are wonderful!  Very unique!  And God laid on us responsibility to care about them!

In my group there was a boy, Ruslan, 12 or 13 years old, from the first day I understood that he would be a problem.  He was a mean, disrespectful boy.  On third or fourth day we had Day of Repentance.  This boy wept for 1 ½ hours.  But I am working a lot with these kinds of children so I decided just to watch him for the whole camp.  Usually kids will change for short periods of time then go back to their usual ways.  But looking at Ruslan my thinking was changed.  I saw that he is trying be better and sometimes it was very hard.  But he wanted to be better.  I was surprised!

I understood that I became like one of the orphanage caregivers who always label the children with negative names like “you are a drunkard, bum, addict.  But God can do much more than we think.  And from disrespectable boy God can change him into a soft and funny child.

God prepared the plan for each of their lives.  And our work is to tell them that God loves them!

All that you are doing, it is big blessing!

The seeds have been sown and sometime they will grow!

Together we are changing lives step by step.

Thank you very much for everybody!  To those who was working in this shift with prayer, financial help, working with kids!  God will bless everyone who is working for his Kingdom.  Thank you.


Summer 2012