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A ministry targeting young people around the world, sharing the Love of God in Word and Deed.

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I am thankful for all the people who supported this camp.

In  my eyes God was doing miracles.  I saw how in the beginning of the camp children were unsociable and hard hearted.  But by the end of the camp they were getting softer and they were listening about Jesus, They wanted to know about God and this hunger was growing day by day.  When I look at these shinning faces I understand that this ministry was successful, God touched children’s hearts and this is important.

Very important that many of them sincerely repented and decided to stand on God’s way.

I am delighted in the work of the Holy Spirit in children’s hearts, that for small period of time we can show God’s love to the children and they felt this and I was overwhelmed with love for the children.

If it would be possible to spend more time with the children, organize more camps like this, more orphans would come to know God and be changed.  I believe in this.

One more time thank you for participating and the opportunity to be a team member.


Summer 2012