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To everyone, Hello,

My name is Valera.  I am 30 years old.  This is my second time in Camp Hope.

First of all I wanted to say thank you to God and for everyone who donated their finances to make the camp possible.

From the beginning when the children arrived, they didn’t want to have relationships, only a few of them who were in the camp the past year.

But little by little the ice in their hearts started to melt.  Especially after Repentance Day.  Children started to come and talk.  Some of them were telling that after repentance in the past year they fell away in the faith.  God just started to change them and work with their hearts.  Though there were some boys who continued to smoke but most of them wanted to live with God.  They really didn’t want to leave the camp, they wanted to stay.

God was filling the children so much that some of them was waking up during the night because they were singing psalms and praying.  Those who were already with God in their life, received many revelations from God for their lives.  Halleluiah!

We work for God’s grace and are thankful for those who support us with prayers because it is very important and you need to do this.

God bless everyone with his big mercy and blessings.  I wish you God’s peace!  Amen!


Summer 2012