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Camp Hope 2012

To The Least of These supporters,

  I want to say big thank you for your open heart.  Just imagine what a blessing these children received.  Thank you for everybody who helped even a little bit for this camp! This year was unusual, there was just boys, so we must do bigger work.  But God is big!  He can do everything!

  My heart is very joyful when I see the children from orphanage and they want to know him.  Glory to God!!!

  Sometimes a lot of happiness sweeps over me, joy, love,  you don’t how to write it down.  But one thing I will say exactly, God is making miracles in children’s lives.

  They are opening their hearts for him, some of them are writing songs for God, some of them are writing poems.

  I want to share with you one poem.  Slavic wrote this. (boy from Internot)


God’s Love

God loves his creation

man again and again

In all his blessings

God is truth and love!

God is merciful and almighty

He forgives our sins all the time

for those who are walking with him

He will never leave.

God is Creator, he is just

His love is in everybody’s heart.

For us, for sinners, for the world

He gave his life and shed his blood.

By faith given to everyone

My soul is saved.

That he will protect me from the enemy

And I will be with him for all eternity.

Thank you one more time!


Summer 2012