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Camp Hope 2012

To The Least of These supporters,

I am very thankful to God for all he was doing during this time in my heart, in hearts of every team member and in the hearts of the children.

At the beginning I was afraid about this camp because it was an all boy’s camp, but, at the same time, I was wanting and waiting for this camp.  The time of  preparation for the bible stories and ministry for the kids was not very easy.  But this time was blessed.  It is like a time of renovation of relationships with God, when you trust him more and more, when he is doing miracles, giving physical strength, ideas for the activities and multiply all our work.  It is evident to me that I was in the right place at the right time.  The unity of the team that God gave us was inspiring me.  After 2 years without being a team member, I didn’t feel that I could be productive, but with the efforts of the team and with God’s Holy Spirit we were passing day by day with victory.

It was obvious how God was changing hearts of the children.  They were listening and accepting God’s word, but not all of them.  We were looking at their behavior and attitude towards us and it was changing toward the end of the camp.  A lot of children sincerely accepted Jesus in their hearts.  Big testimony for me was children that already knew God and were going to church.  We could see fruit in them from hearing the gospel message.  I could write a lot more about the changes I saw in them.

For me these relationships were very valuable.  The camp was really good.  I left very satisfied.  I am waiting for another year to be able to minister to the children again in Camp Hope.

Dr. Oksana

Dr. Oksana

Summer 2012