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  God gave us incredible fellowship with friends and co-workers for the Kingdom in the Kiev area. He opened the door for us to share at a missions school in Sevastopol.  Asked to share at a church leadership meeting by Pastor Alex.  We were miraculously lead to a place for the team to stay in Simferopol, which was in a new church building, good facilities and with a pastor whom we had never met before, who wants to work with us in the Belogorsk Region and start a new work in Feodosiya.  We had a program and several days of fellowship with the girls in Simferopol.  We had an incredible meeting with the assistant director who is a believer and she gave us individual updates on each of the 28 girls we all have been praying for.  And she also shared another answer to prayer; there were two teachers that came to Camp Hope this last summer with the girls.  We prayed for these teachers and asked God to change their hearts.  If not then God would remove them from the orphanage and replace them with teachers who would care about the girls.  One of the teachers greeted me with a huge smile and warm greetings.  She set through the program smiling and laughing and having a great time with the girls.  Her heart was changed.  I was told that the other teacher, who was just plain mean, had been fired.  In Belogorsk there was a unique time of bonding with new leaders.  But most of all a huge praise report for God's grace and favor in schools and kindergartens.  Especially in two schools.  The anointing of the team and the openness of the students and staff was amazing allowing us like never before to share the good news and to pray with them.  The children were hearing, receiving, crying as they heard about a loving Jesus Christ.  We even saw teachers crying.  The Lord was truly there in amazing ways.  In Kerch we had a wonderful time with the children at the TB Sanatorium and at the Mental Internot.  God is changing lives, not only with the children but with the staff also.  The boys at the boy's internot in Kerch were very receptive and wanted to just hang out with us.  We could see remarkable improvements in their attitude, behavior and most of all, how many of the boys shared that they were reading their Bibles and going to church.  There was a calmness with these boys that we had never witnessed before.

  God also gave us an incredible blessing of time with Yuri & Natasha.  As they rode back to Kiev with us and stayed at the Ministry Center Thursday night, they shared with us incredible things that God had been doing in the Caucasus, Russia the past several months and how God was calling them now to Israel.  I believe God is going to use them in a mighty way.  Please continue to pray for these precious co-workers.

  These stories that I have just shared with you are miraculous testimonies of what God is doing in Crimea.

  On behalf of Vitalik, Marina, Sherrel and I we thank you for your faithfulness in prayer and support of this ministry.  We are humbled and appreciative of the love you have poured out for us.

God bless,

Rich Richmond

Fall 2013 Report