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Great news, a group from the church in Belogorsk started doing children’s programs them selves. They did three programs before we got to Belogorsk. When we got to Belogorsk they asked if we would do a seminar on children’s programs. Of course Vitalik said yes. Vitalik put on a two day seminar that was as good as it gets!!! This an answer to prayer that there would be a BURNING Desire to minister to the children. 

2013 Summer Report

  As always Camp Hope staff took good care of us. Luda and the rest of the cooks are amazing how they can feed so many people, always on time and great meals!!! The children were blessed by high quietly and large portions at each meal..

  This camp is truly a partnership. A partnership with all that pray and support the ministry, Camp Hope and The Least of These. Even the staff care givers had team tee shirts and came to devotions in the mornings. Incredible unity. Praise the LORD!

Manicures & Pedicures

About the girls ... Wow-- what diverse emotions. We had girls from 7 to 16 years old. Some of the older girls were VERY hard emotionally and spiritually. The team loved on them from early morning until they had night fellowship in each dorm until about 10 PM each night. Then the team would work on the Bible lesson for the next day with songs and skits until about 1:30 AM. 

Bible Lessons

God was so faithful!!!! He changed many lives!!!! 

As the girls hearts softened many of them would tell team members how they want to change and serve God. Even one of the teachers from the orphanage was changed. We believe God will continue to work in their lives and their relationship with Jesus Christ will grow to maturity. Amen


Face Painting


The Belogorsk Region is always filed with wonderful ministry. This trip the team had programs in the Children's Mental Internot. The children love the fellowship, songs, skits and puppets.

The Men’s Mental Sanatorium is also very special. The program is always a big hit and the time of just being with the men after the program is a special time for the men. They have very little fellowship.

The team also had a program at a third Sanatorium and programs at Kindergartens and Clubs. 



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