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A ministry targeting young people around the world, sharing the Love of God in Word and Deed.

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A ministry targeting young people around the world, sharing the Love of God in Word and Deed.

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We are in the process of planning this summer’s camps and outreaches. I will try to send out a report soon on all of our plans. As always we will need your prayers and support.

All this would not be possible without God’s favor, your prayers and support.

Thank you!!!!!

Rich Richmond

Sherrel and I celebrated Easter three times!!! Once on April 5th and again twice on April 12th. The Orthodox calendar has Easter on April 12th this year. I was invited to share God’s word on both Sundays. On the 5th at Vitalik’s church and on the 12th at the Baptist Church here in Plesetskoye at their sunrise service. What an honor and privilege. We also had a wonderful Easter Sunday here at the Ministry Center.  Invited about 25 people (8 non-believers).  Vitalik did a visual lesson, some others spoke.  We had food, food, food!!! We were able to share the gospel to all who came. I believe lives are being changed.

I want to praise the Lord how He has used and blessed Vitalik and Marina in the ministry here in Plesetskoye and in Crimea. For 16 years they have been faithful in the call on their lives to minister to the Ukrainian people with TLOT. There would NOT be a TLOT if it were not for Vitalik and Marina’s faithfulness.


There is no easy way to get to Crimea, Russia today!! You have to take the train to the border between Ukraine and Crimea, Russia. Get off the train and go through Ukrainian immigration. Then there is about a 2 mile no man’s area. Some have to walk, caring all their bags, some ride in vans. It can take 5 hours to go from Ukrainian immigration to Russian check point. Then you need to take a bus to Simferopol, another 3 hours. From Simferopol they took another bus to Sevastopol. Vitalik & Marina left Kiev at 8 PM Wednesday and arrived at Alex’s at midnight Thursday night.

In Sevastopol Vitalik & Marina had wonderful fellowship with Alex & Sveta, (who are pastors), and their 3 children. Alex & Sveta have worked with TLOT for about 12 years. They shared how VERY HARD it is to live in Russian occupied Crimea. They have lost their pension, health care and the Russian government has told them their children cannot go to school next fall, because they chose to keep their Ukrainian documents and did not take Russian citizenship. Alex said, “I am a foreigner in my own country.”  TLOT has help support two teachers from Internot #2 in Sevastopol for many years. Nalya & Valentina have been a city of refuge for God’s word to be shared in the children’s lives at Internot #2. Vitalik & Marina also were able to deliver some ministry and craft supplies to them. Vitalik & Marina also visited an old friend who pastored a church for many years. It was good to encourage Mikhail and his wife.

In Kerch they attended church services at both Sergey Frolov and Sergey Homenko’s churches. Fellowship: a great time was had with Sergey Frolov and family, Sergey Homenko, the 4 girls who have been team members for many years, Lena & Oxshusha, Nastia and tall Lena. Also had good fellowship with Andrey & Tanya. Tanya was the director of Camp Hope where we had our camps in Kerch. Global Action lost the camp and we will not be able to have camp there anymore. Because of the oppression of the Russian government Andrey & Tanya are planning to move from Crimea.   

In Simferopol time was spent with a Tatar family and friends that we dearly love. Over the years they have fed us, been team members, prayed for us. It was about a year ago that Lemon’s son (about 10) passed away from Leukemia. It is still hard for the family.

In Belogorsk there was MUCH fellowship, encouragement and ministry. They visited the Tatar family that we gave my old trumpet to for their son a few years ago. He just took second place in Crimea on the trumpet against about 30 players. Congratulations. It is very hard for the Tatar families, they are under constant threats of deportation and physical harm from the Russian government. There were also visits to missionary families. Ignot & Julia have three children. Ignot helped build the Ministry Center and ministers in the Belogorsk Region. They also visited Vanya and his family who are also missionaries.  Kostia & Leona housed Vitalik & Marina while in the Belogorsk Region. They worked, fellowshipped, ministered and played together. They were able to have a program for kids one afternoon. Kostia invited Vitalik & Marina to a school program where his children go to school.

It was very disturbing. The ways of the old Soviet Union have been reborn. The students are told the government is always right and is to be honored above family. Even at a celebration in school the children were wearing RED SCARVES  around their necks and BROWN UNIFORMS as they did in Stalin’s time. The children are being brainwashed!!!

Vitalik saw old friends who were visiting from another church. One of them, Oleg, played the guitar for us the first trip to Belogorsk almost 10 years ago. Sasha is a talented musician, recording his own CD’s. He helped with the worship at the first women’s conference in Belogorsk many years ago.   Also had a good meeting with Natasha, the lady who works at the Belogorsk Metal Internot as a volunteer. She shares the love of God with the children there and is a huge blessing. TLOT pays her salary. The time in Crimea was very fruitful.

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