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2015 Summer Camp 1

Below are the testimonies of five older youth who were in the first camp. The camp was very successful with several excepting Jesus and one young man asking to be baptized.

Please pray for camp #2 that is going on now.

Grisha Skaletskiy  Age 19 From Plesetska  (village that the Ministry center is in)

Thank you very much to mission “The Least of These” that gave me an opportunity to be in Baobab camp. I enjoyed everything and all games. Bible opened my eyes, gave me sense for living and taught how to live righteously. I liked games very much everything was fun and interesting. 100 pages will not be enough to write down all my impressions. Everything was perfect. Thank you.

Igor Kusch Age 21 From Plesetska  (village that the Ministry center is in)

Thank you to our sponsors from “The Least of These” that gave us opportunity to be in this camp. I am very glad that I was able to participate in it. I enjoyed being with people from the camp, I have learned a lot about Jesus, I could write much more but I can not explain all of these it is a lot of emotions. Thank you very much!

Kataryna Cherepinska  Age 21 From Plesetska  (village that the Ministry center is in)

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Thank you to sponsors from mission “The Least of These” that gave me opportunity to be in Baobab camp. I enjoyed this unique and beautiful place. Impressions of the camp are these: good personnel, equipment, food, other children, and leaders. In my opinion location of the camp was the best. From one side of the camp was forest and from the other side was unique view on fields and beautiful river Irpin. I would like to come back and live again all the emotions that I have experienced through the camp.

Roman Kolesnikov Age 19   (refugee From Eastern Ukraine)

I want to say thank you to sponsors that have paid a bill for me to be in this camp. I am very thankful. I had a great time and made many new friends. Camp gave me physical and spiritual rest. Also, everyday I was growing spiritually. I was very happy to be here because it was my first tent camp. I enjoyed the camp very much. Conditions in the camp were very good as well as team of organizers and leaders. Thank you!

Victor Mamtyuk Age 21 (refugee from eastern Ukraine)

Thank you very much for opportunity to rest and spend time in such good camp. Thanks to this camp, that would not happen for me without your support, I have learned about Christian Baptist, more about God, and understood that these believers are normal people that have positive things as well as negative. I also wanted to say thank you for great conditions of the camp and pretty good personnel. Thank you for meeting new people and broadening my worldview. Generally camp was very good and I liked it. Thank you!

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