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Newsletter April 2016

Hello dear friends and partners!

My wife and I were in America this past March, 2016 and we were overwhelmed again by the amount of support and love you have shown to us. This has been an amazing trip. Being in Ukraine and ministering to children, you do not always feel and remember how many people are praying for you and stand behind you. This time God has shown to us how much prayer and thoughts our friends offer to God for us. So now refreshed and thankful we are even more bold in sharing the Good News with children.

This trip happened for us at a very important moment. In 6 months since we began to have children ministry in Plesets`ke God has brought more than 30 children to The Light Sunday Club. We were a bit concerned for how many more children will come in the next 6 months and how we are going to handle them with limited number of people. Coming home we brought with us things you gave us:

T-shirts from Idea Print Works

Idea Print works from Newport, Oregon, ( has given us several huge boxes of t-shirts and hoodies, hundreds of them. That is for the second time. We took with us what we could fit into our suitcases. But the rest of them are coming in a separate container shipment. Shortly after we got to Ukraine on March 27 the t-shirts went to children. You should have seen kids’ faces! Seemed like Christmas came back. Thank you Slavic from Idea Print Works for donating those to children! We continue to pray for growth of your business!

Dividing in Three Groups

After we saw how children ministry is being done in Awanas at Community Bible Church in Eagle Point, Oregon, we decided to use some of the same methods. The ages of children that come to us go from 5 to 15 years old. We divided them into three groups. Each group has 2-3 leaders. Now the meetings go much smoother and more age appropriate.

One Day Bicycle Trip

For whole winter the children were looking forward to the spring to come. Because as soon as it gets warm we begin our bicycle trips. On April 6 we had our first one. We had 12 children and 4 adults with us. Great time together, getting to know children closer, building character. We went 30 mi had great games, jokes, racing time, etc. There are more trips coming. Below are some pictures.

Garbage Picking

Our Ukrainian culture suffers many problems and some are very severe. One of them is throwing garbage away to places where it should not be. It is because people do not care and lazy to do what is needed to keep our environment clean. Around Plesets`ke village we have some forest. And we see how it is getting filled with garbage. Our family each spring is going out to the lakes and forests and picking up bags and bags of garbage. Every time it is such a frustrating moment when you think why do people do that. We tried to talk to some people and neighbors about cleaning but the reaction is very weak, if any. So we thought, why don’t we do it with our Sunday Club. This will bring many benefits: clean forest, show example to others, train children not to litter. And we did it on April 16! At first we did not know how many children would come out for such a dirty and not much fun activity. We hoped to see at least 10. When we came to the appointed meeting place we were surprised to see 21 children ready to go!

The work was going very good. No one complained, no one whined. Bags were getting filled one after another. You could see a kid dragging a full bag to the pile and immediately asking “I need a new bag!” After grabbing it the kid would RUN to the bushes to get it filled again. The atmosphere was so energized. We, four Sunday Club teachers, were watching all this, astonished by the children’s attitude. No doubt it was God’s work in their hearts.

We ran out of bags! Had to go and get 28 more. All together there were 73 bags of garbage collected there. What a victory. Some people were going by saying their thanks or showing support. Later we talked with children that Jesus Christ has done for us the same thing what we did. We picked the garbage that we did not through and cleansed the place. Jesus took our sins he did not do and cleansed us from them. What an impact on children’s lives and the future of our village.

Please, Meet Our Team

I would like to introduce to you our team of teachers. Without them it would not have been possible to do all we do today at the Club.

Luda Demchuk

Luda is very thorough in everything she is doing. At the end of every Sunday Club she is sitting down with children individually and checks how did they read New Testament at home. She will ask questions, in turn answer children’s questions. Very good and reliable teacher. She is in charge of middle age group. Has a husband Ruslan and son David who attends the Club. Goes to Calvary Church in Kiev.

Tania Paliy

Tania loves to work with younger children. She has experience working in kindergarten, and there she was the best. She knows very well how to keep children’s attention for the longest time. She always has a game or a story to capture children with. When young kids are with her we know they are in good hands. She is in charge of younger group of children. She has husband and two sons Vania and Daniel that come to Sunday Club. They attend Calvary Church in Kiev.

Aliona Yakubenko

What a gift to have her with us! She works in kindergarten and she fits right in with young kids. God knows which people to bring. She is very reliable and patient with children. She is a great help to Tania. Sometimes there would be 2-3 new young children come to the Club. Aliona makes them feel right at home and there are no crying kids. She has a husband Andrey and two children Timothy and Vika that come to the Club. She goes to Salvation Church in Boyarka.

Andrey Kryzhanovsky

He came to the Club after my son Phillip has invited him about 3 months ago. They’ve been good friends for years. He loved the Club so much that he decided to come every Sunday and help with kids. He is a lot of fun. Kids like him. And we are very happy that we can invest into this young life to become a minister of God for the future. He is in charge of middle age kids. Andrey is 18 years old, he is a student and he goes to a Baptist Church in Vasilkiv.

Luda Sherbak

Just last week Luda came to us with desire to help us with the Club. What a pleasant surprise! If you remember we asked to pray for more workers. This is the answer to our prayers. She is willing to help with kitchen and with watching children. Last Sunday was her first time. She cooked for us and was very good. We pray she will be a good contributor to the ministry in the future. She is 17 and attends Evangelical Church in Borova.

Phillip Dudukaloff

Our youngest son. We are so proud of him. He began to help us with ministry just because he had to. Parents left him no choice. But now we see that he has picked it up and now is carrying the ministry because it is in his heart. He grew up in our summer camps in Crimea. Now it is so natural for him to minister to children. He is a student, he is 17 years old, and he is part of our family church.

Marina and me

You know us quite well. We’ve been in the ministry to children with TLOT for 17 years. And we are so privileged to be called to do this, we can not express our joy. It has changed our lives, taught us to be like children ourselves and gave us desire to spread the importance of ministering to children among other churches. We see ourselves doing it for many years to come. We believe that this children’s ministry with The Light Sunday Club will change not only children, but adults of our village as well.

Special thanks to Rich and Sherrel Richmond for parenting us in these years, for the mentorship, prayer support and continuous friendship. Without you and your guidance we could not have reached places and knowledge we are at today. May the Lord bless you abundantly.


Lord willing we will have an announcement soon about the possibility of expanding our children's ministry. Please pray for wisdom and provision.

Vitaly Dudukaloff

Plesets`ke, Ukraine

April 28, 2016

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