Teaching orphaned children to associate unconditional love with Jesus Christ, so they will seek Him the rest of their lives.
The Least of These is a ministry focusing on orphaned children in Ukraine. Through evangelistic children's programs, we are reaching the lost and forgotten children for Christ.
We have successfully partnered with local churches, seminaries, and Bible schools enabling nationals to minister to nationals. Our volunteer American staff keeps administrative and operational costs at a minimum, allowing more financial resources to go to the children.
Building on this history, The Least of These, with the help of your prayers and gifts, will continue to reach and disciple the children and youth of Ukraine, showing the Love of God in Word and Deed.
The Least of These ministry was birthed in 1998 and is an approved IRS 501 (c) 3.
A ministry targeting young people around the world, sharing the Love of God in Word and Deed.
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