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August 18, 2015

We praise God that Vitalik & Sasha (girl in van with Vitalik) are physically, mentally and spiritually well!!!!

In Ukraine car insurance and the Ukrainian Court System are much different than here in America. The court will decide how much Vitalik will have to pay for damages; damages to the semi-truck and trailer, contents, time lost, medical expenses for everyone, damage to bus stop and wall. At this time Vitalik is estimating between $50,000 & $100,000 USD. The insurance has said it will only pay $2,000 for damages plus $6,000 for The Least of These van. As you can see there will be a huge shortfall. Please pray that God will protect and provide. We think we will hear the courts decision in the next 30 days. The court can seize bank accounts and property, yes even the Ministry Center.

This is very serious. Your prays are very important !!!

Thank you.

God bless,

Rich Richmond

November 5, 2015


Vitalik’s court date is November 10th at 10 AM here in Ukraine. In Oregon time the court date is midnight Monday night. SO PLEASE PRAY THROUGH MONDAY. Pray for God’s favor and that the judge will be honest and fair. Thank you!!!


November 13, 2015


The court did not make a ruling today. However it does look like the criminal part of the case will be dropped, the girl with the broken shoulder.  The other side of the civil case did not show up to the court hearing so no decision could be made as to damages to be awarded to the truck owner and driver. All of Vitalik’s documents were turned over to the court by Vitalik’s attorney. 

The court will set the next court date for sometime toward the end of November first of December. Vitalik’s attorney thinks there will be one or two more hearings.

Please continue to pray for God’s favor over Vitalik and his family.  I will keep you posted when we know the next court date.  Thank you for ALL prayers and support!!!!!

Rich Richmond

I am asking everyone to pray for Vitalik and his family. I also hope you will also rejoice and praise the Lord with us.

Below is the picture of our van after a horrific crash Vitalik had a few days ago. It is absolutely a miracle he and the young girl who was in the passenger seat are alive. Vitalik’s hands and arms were thrown though the windshield and the girl’s collarbone was broken. The driver and passenger in the semi-truck were not hurt but their truck has a bent frame and cannot be repaired. Vitalik missed a turn and drove straight across a highway into the oncoming truck hitting the truck in the tractor’s back wheels at about 50 miles per hour.



complete healing both fiscal and emotional for everyone

that our van’s insurance company will take care of their responsibilities.  In Ukraine the person causing the accident can be held legally responsible for all cost of repairs, lost cargo, lost wages, medical bills.

that Ukrainian court will go well for Vitalik, (fair and honest)

that we will be able to find the finances to purchase a replacement for our van.  Nine passenger with seat belts for everyone.  Our old van only had seat belts for the front seats.  They helped save Vitalik and the girl’s lives.

On a completely different subject, the Ukrainian government, about 2 weeks ago, challenged Vitalik, Marina and family’s residency documents for Ukraine.  Please pray that the Ukrainian government will give Vitalik and family all the necessary documents to live in Ukraine and become Ukrainian citizens.

Praise God for his faithfulness, favor and blessings that he has poured out on Vitalik and his family.

Thank you Lord Jesus.

Rich Richmond

July 28, 2015

By Vitalik Dudukaloff

I AM ALIVE! Two days ago God gave me another chance to live. I got into a terrible accident. My lack of attention and some outside factors were the reason for that. All the people involved in the accident are alive.

19yo girl and I were coming back with drinking water for our children’s tent camp on our ministry van. The road was going through a forest. We passed the last turn before the intersection with a highway. The view of the highway from the turn was limited. The cut through the forest continued on the other side of the intersection and looked to me like a straight line with no crossroad. There was a sign up ahead with directions to the right and left, but I did not pay attention to it thinking the intersection is about 1 km away. At that moment there were no cars going on the highway by which I could say there is a road. As I was approaching the highway its surface gradually appeared to my eyes and I began to realize, oh my, THIS IS IT, I’ve got to brake. I hopped I can skip across the highway untouched. But at that moment there was a semi going. The impact was awful! The van hit back wheels of the track. The semi truck folded at connection point with trailer and flew trough a brick bus stop and stopped hitting a toilet building. Our van got turned 180 degrees. God has saved us and sit belts helped. The girl got the worst injury out of all of us – she broke a collarbone. I’ve got the back side of my hands scratched deeply as they went through windshield. Two people from semi were not injured at all. Praise God for saved lives and that no body was standing at the bus stop.

Why did it happened? I have a lot of questions myself. But in all this I see God’s glory every day. He is working with us. No one who has got connected to this accident have a bitter attitude nether truck driver, nor truck owner, nor girl’s parents. All understand that it could happen with anyone and we are helping each other as much as we can. We believe God will settle everything by his mercy and will. Glory to Him.

My huge gratitude goes to my wife Marina who came immediately being 50 miles away. She was my strongest support till this minutes. I thank Olia Konduk, the kids tent camp director, who came first with her friends and supported me. Especial thanks to friends from the camp, they took the girl to a hospital and collected valuables from the van. Their presence was inspiring. Many friends responded, they were praying and offering help. It comforts a lot. The girl, her name is Sasha, held herself very strong. She did not panic, did not even cry. A real hero!

This van has served our ministry for many years. Many teams have made their trips on mission field to orphans and other children of Crimea.

Praise God the van was insured. Unfortunately the semi was insured only partially. We hope our insurance company will cover most of our expenses. About $2173 will be paid towards truck repair which is not nearly enough. The rest I will have to pay. It is going to be a long process and we are waiting for the court.

Many friends has asked how they can help:

1. Pray for Sasha that her healing would go quickly and without problems.

2. We need to buy a new bus for the ministry.

3. To pay out the full payment for the truck.

You may want to contact Rich Richmond for more information.

December 11, 2015


We are thankful for God’s favor!!! The court dismissed the criminal charges today.PTL The next step is for the truck owner to agree upon the settlement amount. The court said if the two parties could agree upon an amount it would not be necessary to come back to court.

Please pray that Vitalik and the truck owner can come to an agreement. The question is how much can the truck owner sell the truck, trailer and cargo for. It looks like the original estimates from the financial expert were correct. If all goes well there will be enough money to pay ALL costs.PTL

We all want to thank everyone who prayed and gave so much to support Vitalik.

God bless,

Rich Richmond


  On January 27th the Ukrainian Court rejected the truck owner’s appeal to reinstate the criminal case. PTL Thank you all for your prayers!!!

  The truck owner is NOT behaving in an honest manner. Please pray that her heart will be changed and a settlement can be agreed upon.

  Thanks again for your prayers and support.

This is a short video of the Forum in Kiev this last November. Vitalik spent several months working as part of the leadership of this organization. There were about 60 speakers from many countries, about 60 volunteers from many churches and Christian organizations and about 400 attendees.

Posted March 11, 2016

Vitalik and Marina

TV interview with the Dove in Medford, Oregon.

Click here for more on Marina and Vitalik’s visit to the U.S.

Below is the link to the Russian Gospel Temple website. Go to VIDEO and then click on the Sunday 3-13-2016 service. The video is the complete service. Worship, Rich, Kids prayer, Main sermon by Vitalik.

April 2016 Newsletter

Hello dear friends and partners!

My wife and I were in America this past March, 2016 and we were overwhelmed again by the amount of support and love you have shown to us. This has been an amazing trip. Being in Ukraine and ministering to children, you do not always feel and remember how many people are praying for you and stand behind you. This time God has shown to us how much prayer and thoughts our friends offer to God for us. So now refreshed and thankful we are even more bold in sharing the Good News with children.  (Click here to continue reading.)