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Vitalik’s Testimony

My name is Vitaly Dudukaloff, I was born on January 8, 1973 in Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan. At that time, Kazakhstan was a part of Soviet Union. My father was an engineer of construction and my mother a musician and a choirmaster. Although my parents were unbelievers, they were a good family with good relationships to secular standards. Because they were not getting good salaries in Kazakhstan in 1980 they decided to move to Siberia where people were paid much better and could retire 5 years earlier.

We moved to the city of Norislk, which is in the central Northern part of Siberia. When I was nine we had my baby brother born there. I must say that while living in Norislk we did have some extremely cold days, the lowest I remember was -67°F (-55°C). Nevertheless, I fell in love with that unique land of long polar winters and short but tender summers. When I was a school student, I had problems with low self-esteem . I was very closed, all my pains belonged only to me, only few friends, humiliating mockeries of classmates. My young wounded and inexperienced heart could not find any solution for that.

In 1990, after graduation, I went to Moscow trying to enter Agriculture University, but did not pass the contest and went to Agriculture College to specialize in livestock. Over there I met my future wife Marina and I of course liked her from the very first time I saw her. Although we were in the same group but we never were close friends. As she said later, I was the last one in the line of her candidates. The time we lived in was the moment when the Soviet Union fell apart. The economy was down and inflation was terrible. My parents lost all their savings that they collected in all years of living in Siberia. The most necessary products, like tea, meat, butter, sugar, soap, etc. people had to buy with special permissive tickets. We as students did not have even that. However, the farm where we worked time after time fortunately was our source of milk, vegetables and sometimes cow guts.

Continually suffering from my low self-esteem problem, I began to look for some ways of self-improvement. With freedom, some books we never seen before have started to be available, like psychology, autosuggestion, oriental philosophy, astrology, extrasensory, etc. I have involved myself in those practices and sometimes I had some successes, but they lasted for such a short time. I was not the only one searching - a group of girls in our class, including Marina, was taking bio-energy courses. But one day one of their girlfriend visited them and invited them to a church service. They had to travel for 5 hours to that church and stayed there for 4 days. After they came back all our class was curious about where they were and what had happened. They told us how they came to the Lord and how it is good to believe in Jesus. All of this was so odd, so me and couple of other guys came to their room that evening to hear more. While listening I was thinking: 'Yeah, that's good to believe in God, so I'll continue with all practices I am doing now and additionally I will believe in God. Sounds perfect!' But then I have felt a very strong impression. Much later, I realized that it was God's voice speaking to me. "If you want to help yourself to improve by astrology, philosophies and other stuff then God is no help to you, but if you want God to help you, then all those things have to go." It was so clear and the division between two was so obvious like cut with a sword. I could not sleep well that night. My mind was working. I was turning in the bed. I woke up that morning wrapped up in my blanket.  God was working in my heart. Since then we were often visitors in girls' room to hear more about Jesus.

One time the church that girls were attending held a big evangelism meeting in Moscow and we were invited. Them and six other guys unbelievers went for the service. It was interesting trip full of new expectations. We found the right place and entered a hall. I was confused by the attitude of people who were meeting us. They smiled, and hugged us like relatives though we saw them for the first time. There were people sitting in the hall who were so sincerely glad to see each other like only closest friends would act after long separation. The service started with fast and joyful praise, during which I rejoiced like I never did on any disco. Then there was a preaching, of which I don't remember anything, I just know that God was working in my heart. When there was an altar call I really wasn't sure if I had to come down. Our girls said 'Yeah, of course go..." In that moment I was ready to do everything, I was told. I came forward and prayed with sinner's prayer. I lifted up my hands, and tears were running down my cheeks. When we were saying good-bye to the people from the church I felt, that wasn't confused anymore when I would look in their eyes.

The same evening I came to my grandpa's home. When we sat at the supper table and had fellowship he asked me 'Vitaly, why are looking at me so strangely?' I was afraid to tell him that I just came from church and I prayed there, so I told him that everything is just very good. That was a testimony for me that something had started to change in me, like the Lord promised.

My friends and I began regularly attend the church in Moscow, that started from that crusade. It was the time of the first love, time of our first prayers in the dorm, first evangelism experience. In June we graduated from our college. We were told that there is a three months Bible school starting in Kiev. Two girls, Marina and I went for tuition. Though we thought to come only for three months, we stayed to the end of the full course - 4 years. This school became a place of big changes and big experience.

In 1995 something happened, that me and Marina were expecting during 2 years. We got married. After we came to the Lord, we became closer to each other and our hearts were knitting closer together. After wedding we had two sons born: Daniel in 1996 and Phillip in 1998. Two great boys, which we are proud of very much.

After graduating from Bible school we began to minister as pastors in the church that was going as a part of Bible school program, and we continue to do the same thing at the moment. In the summer of 1999 me and Marina for the first time were invited to minister in orphanages with The Least Of These. Those were tremendous days when we were able to share with children God's love, attention, jokes, hugs and the Gospel.

We used to minister to children but it never was to orphans. They are young people who are not merely deceived, but they never knew the truth, just heard about it. Thus, when they do not just hear the truth, but see it in action, God becomes a reality for them. We participate in such children crusades for 5 years both in orphanages and in local churches in Crimea. Each mission trip robs the darkness of several more kids, and sows the seeds of salvation for the next time. If you know that God calls you to move in the ministry to these children - join us. In our spiritual combat each person is counted as a unit, and two as an army.

God bless you abundantly,

Vitaly, Marina, Daniel and Phillip Dudukaloff

Ukrainian Leadership Team

In the summer of 1999 I had the pleasure of meeting Vitaly and Marina. We ministered to orphans and street kids through a The Least of These program called Kid's Crusades. Vitaly and Marina have grown in their ministry and leadership skills. They are both an intricate part of The Least of These ministry in Ukraine. Please take a few minutes to read Vitaly's incredible testimony. Thank you Vitaly and Marina for all that you do for the children.

Rich Richmond


Vitalik Dudukaloff, Ukrainian National Director,

his wife Marina, and their two sons Daniel and Philip

Vitaly and Marina Dudukaloff

Marina, Daniel, Phillip, Vitaly

Vitaly leading programs:

TLOT Leadership