‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ Matthew 25:40
The Least of These
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Kids Summer Camp

This summer we organized day camp for 125 children and a youth camp. Theme of the camp was Super hero. We taught kids stories about super people from the Bible, played games with them, sang songs, and had fun! 19-23 June 2018
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Youth Summer Camp

After kids summer camp we had couple days of rest because the team was exhausted and with renewed energy we started a youth summer camp. It was great! We played crazy games, discussed relevant topics, and enjoyed each other during free time. 26-29 June 2018
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Team Retreat

After incredible 5 days of summer camp, our team decided to rest and spend time together. Therefore, we went on a 2 day retreat in to a beautiful location with a flooded quarry and forest around it. 20-22 July 2018
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Bicycle trip

At the end of August we organized a bike trip for youth and teenagers. We had lots of fun together, rode 260 miles on bikes, prayed for the towns and cities that we passed, played different games, and swam in rivers and lakes! 17-23 August 2018
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Day of Plesetske

This is a celebration of community of the town Plesetske. Every year local authority organizes official ceremony with songs, performances, and some amusement rides for children. We decided to organize our “Light” club booth to serve people and children of our community. 15 September 2018
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Thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving day or feast of harvest is celebrated around the world. People give thanks to God for His provision and gather to enjoy food and company. Similarly, “Light” church celebrated end of the harvest season with church service, banquet, dancing, and games. 14 October 2018
Christmas program Christams in the “Light” club did not go without not being noticed. Children and teachers gathered on Saturday to celebrate the birth of Christ. They played games and danced together. Finally, each child got a present with sweets and fruits. 05 January 2019
“Light” club news This year every club has a theme with specific Bible verse. Kids learn about forgiveness, honesty, friendliness, etc. As a new addition to our club we give out “club passports” to kids that contain their photo information about them and their achievements in the club. 10 March 2019
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International women’s day For the closest church service to March 8th men prepared a special program for women. All church service was led by men and women were able to sit back and rest. Finally, each of them got flowers and special wishes! 10 March 2019
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Kids and youth club For three weeks Vitaliy and Marina are gone to meet people that support club. Meanwhile, this past week 20 children came to enjoy fun and knowledgeable time in the club. In addition, evening was marked with youth group and tasty ice-cream. 16 March 2019
Saturday club and Boom youth group While weather in Ukraine is getting warmer every week some of club activities move outside. Youth group recently had a monthly meeting with fun games, tasty food, worship time, and insightful message. 16 March 2019
Cleaning day Last Saturday “Light” church and club gathered for a cleaning day in the village of Plesetske. We divided in to 5 teams to gather as much trash as we can. At the end of the day we finished with more than 60 bags of different type of trash! 23 March 2019
Easter celebration This Sunday “Light” church with friends and all Ukraine celebrated Easter!!! We gathered to worship Jesus and spend this time remembering what He has done for us. After church God blessed us with amazing weather so everyone who wanted went to a picnic in the forest. 2 May 2019
Benches for the summer camp On Saturday we had an unusual youth group. We gathered with boys to build benches, which we can use in our summer camp. The time goes fast so we decided to start the process of preparation. After completing our job we had snacks and tea together. 3 May 2019
“Light” club and wooden guns This Saturday children in the club learned to dream like Joshua and Caleb did, made bracelets with compass and did many other activities! After that youth with leaders each created a dummy gun for pirates skit in the upcoming summer camp. 8 May 2019
Summer camp conference Last week five members of our "Light" team went for a three day conference for summer camp leaders. Each of them studied particular section of summer camp. Each day they had 6 hours of classes, chapel, and free time. 24 May 2019
Saturday light club On Saturday kids gathered in the “Light” club for another fun and knowledgeable meeting! Theme of the day was “Supporting dreams of others”. Children learned story of David and his support in construction of the temple. 25 May 2019
Trip to a musical Last week children from “Light” club that come on Wednesday went to see a musical performance in Kyiv. They had a lot of fun! Apart from musical they rode subway and walked around the downtown. 05 June 2019
Graduation in “Light” club School year is over and as the summer is approaching we also celebrated end of the year in the club. We watched video and photo report, gave out presents, and children who were the most faithful through the year receive certificates! 11 June 2019
Cleaning club building One week till the summer camp! We are preparing and cleaning the building for it to be ready to host 120 children. We have cleaned kitchen, rooms, a yard, and prepared special crafts for kids. 18 June 2019
Summer camp 2019 Summer camp is over but memories of it will live forever! We had 115 kids almost every day of 5 day camp. Even though we had some struggles God did an amazing work in the hearts of children and team members. Kids loved it and their parents too! 02 July 2019
Club after the camp After intensive summer camp we had a relaxing Saturday club next week. Many kids are gone for vacations during this time but we gathered with those who were still in the village, played games, watched photos, and sang songs together. 09 July 2019
3 day bike trip Our first bike trip this year! It was a 3 day trip to a lake with 15 children and 7 adults. We played games, swam in inflatable boat, sang worship songs, cooked food on fire, and learned how to live with each other. It was a good time for kids to grow and enjoy living in nature! 13 July 2019
Team retreat It is important to learn how to work and rest with each other. Team retreat is something we wait for through the year because every time it is special. Our retreat this year had many warm moments of bonding, some funny situations, and a great atmosphere! 27 August 2019
8 day bicycle trip It was a hard, long, but interesting bicycle trip with youth and teenagers. Every bike trip is special, it forces your character to grow and pushes you out of the comfort zone. Here are impressions of one of the team members and best photos from the tip! 29 August 2019
Fourth birthday of the “Light” club Last Sunday was the fourth year since establishments of the “Light” club! Every year is unique and when we look back we can see how much God has done in this short period of time. It all started from seven children and today we have more than fourty of them celebrating with us. God is great!! 10 September 2019
Olympic Games Exhibition Recently an exhibition of Olympic games was held in Kyiv. All together thirty kinds of sports were presented there. Children had a chance to try each of them and get stickers. Afterwards they trated their stickers for pens and notebooks. 20 September 2019
Day of The Village Every September people in Plesetske celebrate day of our village and we usually are involved with organizing activities for kids and adults. This time we were there with crafts, snacks, drinks, games, and face paint. 01 October 2019
Trip to Lviv Most of women from our team had a three day retreat to the cultural capital of Ukraine - Lviv. They visited friends, beautiful old town, traveled through dungeons, and had coffee in cozy atmosphere. They even visited and old cemetery! 09 October 2019
Dedication service Last week we had a dedication service for the new building. All willing were invited to join us in this celebration and thank God for His blessings. After official part and prayer everybody had a chance to enjoy food and take photos with a beauriful photo zone. 15 October 2019
Thanksgiving day Last Sunday “Light” church had a thanksgiving celebration. It happened that next day was men’s day so we combined both celebrations. We had a thanksgiving service for adults and children in kids club. After church people stayed to eat and hang out together, which lasted until 10.30 pm! 16 October 2019
Visiting missionary Recently we had a missionary from Papua New Guinea visit us and share about their life there and ministry that they do. It was a great illustration of true faith, which was the topic of past month in the children’s club. 06 November 2019
Paintball Last week schools in Ukraine went on a spring break. We decided to use this time and went with the youth to play paintball. For half of us it was a totally new experience. Although, it was unusual in the beginning and we suffered some bruises from the shots everybody was extremely happy and satisfied! 06 November 2019
Sunday service Last week we had a good time with adults and children! Children and teachers had fun playing outdoor games. Later they talked about sin and God’s opinion about it. The end of the day was marked with communion for adults and crapes with cottage cheese for children. 13 November 2019
Excursion Excursions are always interesting! This time we visited Ukrainian village. It is an ethnic complex that was built in the place of a previous garbage dump. We visited old houses that were transported from different regions of Ukraine and observed their lifestyle and belongings. 05 December 2019
Weekly activities (Wednesday, Thursday) This summer God gave the “Light” church its new home! It truly became our second home and now almost every day different activities are going in the building. We want to share with you about what we do during the week and we will start from Wednesday and Thursday. 11 December 2019
Visit of Gideon brothers Last Sunday we had friends from a nearby village visit and share about themselves, their church and ministry. Some of them are part of The Gideons International mission so they talked about distribution of New Testaments in the world and even in Plesetske! 19 December 2019
Merry Christmas!! “Light” church gathered to celebrate birth of Jesus Christ and remember all the good moments of past year. The atmosphere of peace and joy was among people. There were laughter, songs, dancing and fellowship. We are thankful to God for a great year! 27 December 2019
January activities This January was full of events. First, we had celebration of the New Year with the youth. Second, according to our tradition we sang carols for the people in the village and blessed them with food baskets. We also, had a chance to sing in a nearby village. 29 January 2020
Shadow theater Last Sunday we finally had a Christmas concert! It was very unusual because we had our friends come over and show a skit using light and shadows. Many children and their parents came to the concert and got presents at the end. 29 January 2020
Church retreat First ever “Light” church retreat! It was a great time of fellowship and rest. We had opportunities to go to sauna, climb mountains and visit local palaces and castles. Overall, we had a great time of unity in worshiping our Lord and enjoying His creation! 07 February 2020
Fair On Sunday “Light” church hosted a fair. Every person who came had a chance to get one sweatshirt free and buy more for small price. Many new people who had never come to church came to the fair. We hope that all of them left satisfied and we wish to see them in the church more often! 20 February 2020
Samaritan’s Purse program This Sunday we had a concert for second grade kids. We played games with them, sang songs, showed some skits and a small visual introduction of the Gospel. At the end of the concert, they had a chance to sign up for a program that is made to teach children about God and Bible principles. 27 February 2020
Outreach in Dzvinkove village Last week “Light” church organized a family celebration in a nearby village Dzvinkove. It was our first program in that village and not that many people came. However, they all were happy that we came and most of the kids signed up for our summer camp this year! 03 March 2020
Games Games are something that we usually underestimate. However, children learn a lot from paying games. They learn to interact with the outside world and other people. Therefore, we try to play with them and teach in a fun and interactive way. 11 March 2020
8th of March surprise 8-th of March is an international women’s day so on this day men in Ukraine congratulate all the women. Therefore, on Sunday our men prepared a special lunch for women with restaurant service and tasty food! 20 March 2020
Vitalik and Marina are home! Vitaliy and Marina have finally arrived home! Their journey was long and hard. We want to thank God for keeping them safe in their travels! Also, we want to thank Rich and Sherrel, who took care of them and everybody who prayed for their safety. This is their overview of their travels and adventures: 02 April 2020
TLOT in Crimea, Eupatoria 2001-2002 While we are all on quarantine, it is a good time for some throwbacks to our history. A vintage video that we have recently found was shot in one of the first mission trips to Crymea. It takes place Eupatoria in years 2001-2002! 17 April 2020
TLOT in Crimea, Camp Hope 2002 Camp Hope has been a big part of TLOT ministry in Crimea. We have seen it develop and become a beautiful and comfortable place for God’s ministry. From year 2009 until year 2013 every summer, we have organized a camp in Camp Hope for orphans or children from Muslim families. 22 April 2020
Maintenance work While the quarantine continues, we are doing some maintenance work in the church and on the property. It is a perfect time for such projects because the building is free from people and we have enough time to fix, improve, and build everything we want and need! 07 May 2020
Online Sunday service One of the features of quarantine is an online service. It is a new experience for us to broadcast worship and sermons via Internet. However, we have adapted to the circumstances and now have regular Sunday services and Tuesday worship nights broadcasted on Facebook. 13 May 2020
Quarantine is weakening As quarantine gradually weakens and life returns to its normal state, church has opened their doors for Sunday services and other activities during the week. It is great to see familiar faces of people in the house of God! 19 May 2020
Phillip’s birthday This Sunday was a great day for church retreat and a reason for such a getaway was Phillip’s birthday. All church spent time together, played games and had lots of fun. In addition, boys finally had a chance to release all their energy in a positive way! 25 May 2020
Youth retreat Last week youth group organized a retreat for themselves. Almost a half of the group graduated this year and it was one of the reasons to go on a five-day vacation. Uniqueness of this trip was that only youth and leaders organized it! 12 August 2020
Youth retreat (additional video and photos) You can find here more photos and video from youth retreat. Watch how we spent time by a beautiful lake, lived in the tents and had funny moments together! 22 August 2020
Church retreat Church retreat was a time of learning how to live together in new conditions. Through these five days we got closer to each other, learned more about ourselves and others. God had made something great out of what seemed like a disaster in the beginning! 1 September 2020
Water baptism Water baptism is the time of joy when denomination, age and gender differences do not matter and Christians come together to celebrate birth of a new life in Christ. This Sunday we had an opportunity to share this joy with two of our dear friends! 1 September 2020
Family bike trip In August we had a family bike trip – one of few events that we did not cancel this summer. We took a short ride to a beautiful lake. Parents and children had time to build their relationships and rest from home routine. 11 September 2020
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Video of the family bike trip Watch video report of the only bike trip of this summer. Children and adults lived for three days together in tents and had to overcome many obstacles on the road! 22 September 2020
Fifth church anniversary This September we celebrated our fifth anniversary! It was not as big as usual due to restrictions. However, we had good time worship the Lord and hanging out together. We look forward to what God has prepared for us in the future. 03 October 2020
Thanksgiving day 2020 This month church “Svitlo” celebrated a Thanksgiving Day. It is not a usual year for us and for everybody. We had some low and some high moments. Nevertheless, we wanted to remind ourselves how important it is to be thankful to God for everything we have! 04 November 2020
Weddings in the “Light” church This year has been a year of new families for us because we had 3 weddings happen in our church! It is amazing to watch how God bonds two different people in one body. We wish them wisdom and love in their new lives. 20 November 2020
Guests from nearby town Visiting others or receiving guests is always a challenge. You need to make new friends and step out of your comfort zone. Recently we had church youth from a nearby town visit us and we had a great time together. 27 November 2020
Youth praises the Lord We had our second big youth meeting with two other churches. It was a great time of worship and fellowship! Different people from different groups were united by the love of Christ. 22 December 2020
Christmas 2020 Christmas is a special holiday that unites people across all continents. This is the time when the world stops for a moment and acknowledges birth of our Savior. In the Christmas rush that surrounds us, it is important not to forget what Jesus has done for us and firstly, celebrate Him! 12 January 2021
Children ministry after quarantine Due to quarantine last year, we have canceled many of the projects for children of Plesetske. However, we continue our work with kids teaching them Bible and helping them develop. We hope that this year many young hearts will hear the Gospel. 20 January 2021
Trip to Karpathian mountains Our trip to Karpathian Mountains was unforgettable! We tried skiing, Ukrainian Jacuzzi, and many other… Together we spent four days in one of the most beautiful place of Ukraine and now we have so many memories and photos to go through. 02 February 2021
New activities for men Since last year brothers of the Light church have weekly meetings for fellowship and Bible study. However, this year we started something new for men. We started to go to the gym and exercise together. It brings us joy of doing something what we all like! 26 February 2021
Concert of a Christian band We went to a concert of a Christian band from Moldova. We enjoyed beautiful music and worshiped our Lord with a big crowd of youth! It was magnificent and we hope to visit more Christian concerts in future. 03 March 2021
Relationships lecture We went to a concert of a Christian band from Moldova. We enjoyed beautiful music and worshiped our Lord with a big crowd of youth! It was magnificent and we hope to visit more Christian concerts in future. 03 March 2021
Pajama parties Men go to the gym and girls have pajama parties. No man in Light church has ever been there so let us hear their experience and emotions as they unveil what they are doing at their girl parties! 23 March 2021
First cleaning day of 2021 Finally, by the end of March temperature in Ukraine rose higher than 40 degrees Fahrenheit. We immediately organized a cleaning day in order to fix and clean everything in the building and property. 31 March 2021
Youth conference Youth conference that we attended and helped with was great! There was youth from many local towns. We sang many praise and worship songs, prayed together, listened to God and speakers. It was a good new experience for us. 27 April 2021
Summer 2021 plans We are getting ready for a busy summer! We have many plans and dreams so we want to share them with you. Stay on track with our events and watch for our posts with photo and video reports. 25 May 2021
Missionaries in Belize! God has showed The Least Of These mission an opportunity to support missionaries in Belize! We want to introduce you to their family and share with you their testimony and our joy of being able to support spreading of the Kingdom of God around the world. 22 June 2021
VBS in Belize The parents, teachers and volunteers worked hard for many days to prepare and put on the Summer Sunday School program - VBS. There were about 33 children that had a wonderful time learning more about Jesus!! Thank you Lord Jesus for all you do!!!! 07 July 2021
Kids summer camp 2021 Five days of children camp are over. During this short period, we and I in particularly observed how God touched, changed, healed, and comforted children’s hearts. We hope that as many children, parents, and team members as possible felt the greatness of God in this camp. 10 July 2021
Kids summer camp 2021 Our first youth camp in Carpathian Mountains has come to its end. Incredible 8 days in God’s presence have made their mark in the hearts of children and team members. We want to share with you our short summary of how it all happened. 20 August 2021
Bike adventure We cycled 288 miles around Chernihiv region of Ukraine. From one side it was an unusually easy trip for us but from the other side we had unexpected difficulties that made this adventure truly unforgettable. 01 September 2021
Cleaning day - Belize We had a day to clean and wash the indoor room for Sunday school. About ten youths participate in the cleanup, after the clean up we provide treats popcorn and juice. 28 September 2021
The last day of September This day we had a pleasure to celebrate Thanksgiving Day and birthday of the Light club. Unfortunately, it was also our last Sunday with Rich and Sherrel. We remembered all the good that God gave us this year and thanked Him for many blessings that we enjoy in our life. 06 October 2021
Repairing Sunday School room Greetings in the name of our lord Jesus Christ my dear friends brother and sisters in Christ. It’s so beautiful watching when a child puts his/her effort in the house of the Lord God. 14 October 2021
Vaccine debates Vaccine is the hottest topic in Ukraine’s society right now. Due to the quarantine that has started last week, it affects everyone. Therefore, we decided to talk about and do in the form of debates in order for people to express their position and hear the other side. 11 November 2021
Checking out a camp base This year we co-ran our first youth camp in Carpathian Mountains and our team was set on fire about organizing our own summer camp for youth. Thus, we made a first step. We reserved a camp base and made a trip to check it out. 01 December 2021
Youth trip to Pivni We have been invited to a youth group in a village called Pivni. It is our first trip there and it went very well. They were very hospitable and nice so we spent a marvelous time worshiping God together! 01 December 2021
Trip to Belize Rich and Sherrel had a great trip to Belize visiting the local ministry! Also, youth in Belize is working hard not only in spiritual activities but also in making the world around them a better a place. 30 December 2021
Christmas festivities December 25th and 26th have been two very busy days for our church! On Saturday we spent almost all day outside serving people and physically working. On Sunday we spent the whole day in church serving, worshiping, and having fun. It has been a busy Chrismas for us! 30 December 2021
20 families heard the Gospel! On Ukrainian Christmas, we visited twenty families, singing and preaching the Gospel to each one of them and in fifteen homes, we gave out food packages. Jesus opened His arms to the people in need so we try to follow His steps in this. 26 January 2022
WAR War in Ukraine is no longer a nightmare but a reality! Lord, be with us. 23 March 2022
Church update It is a little update on how our church is doing during this horrendous time of war. Also, we want to share with you a little bit about situation in Ukraine and with Ukrainian people. 23 March 2022
Leftovers of “russian world” Some men from our church volunteered in helping people who lived under occupation nearly a month. Such towns are destroyed by the war and leftovers of “russian world”. It is important to see these pictures and hear these stories in order to understand what we are fighting against! 19 April 2022
Trips to Kozarovychi Out report of two trips to a Kozarovychi village that was badly damaged by war action. There we have been working to restore a barn house for people to live in it because currently their house is destroyed and they live in a cave. 04 May 2022

Kids Summer Camp

This summer we organized day camp for 125 children and a youth camp. Theme of the camp was Super hero. We taught kids stories about super people from the Bible, played games with them, sang songs, and had fun! 19-23 June 2018
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‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ Matthew 25:40
The Least of These
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